elderly people sleep on the train, get off to wake the elderly, a row of passengers on the subway playing “fade.” Yesterday, friends, “Wuhan Xia Qing” in microblogging reflect a seven nonagenarian no seat, but unfortunately can only hide his face squatting on the subway ride 4 Station Road, appealing to care for the young.

Yesterday, friends, “Wuhan Xia Qing” in the online microblogging bursts of two reflects a grandfather no seats, only to break out squat, the elderly left, passengers are awake. His micro-blog was also uploaded 5 photos, compare a row passengers on the bus and get off for the elderly before and after the two states. Shown in the photo, the old man in the car, the passenger down to sleep, get off the elderly, who are both the row raised his head.

reporter contacted the blogger Xia. He said more than yesterday 1:00, he Guangbutun subway station, got to see a seven nonagenarian hand a bag standing in the middle region of two compartments, the elderly looked around at the other passenger , see nobody seat so they hide their faces crouched in the car until the Hongshan Square Station just to get off.

“a row of passengers were pretending to be asleep.” Xia said, squatting was old when he saw next to a row of passengers were sitting down to sleep or listen to music, and old car, this row passengers miraculously wake , and raised his head. “Before and after different attitudes, people to see really sad, the virtues of the Chinese nation should care for the young.”

yesterday, Mr. Xia sent to microblogging, immediately attracted the attention of dozens of friends. Netizens are not despise seat to the elderly, but Zhuangshui indifference behavior. Netizen “Melody 990″, said: how to coincidence, there are seats are asleep. (Wuhan Morning News reporter Yu Li)

Come, Ji took the opportunity to carefully looked at the three men, just three are horse bolted, quite far away, actually did not look carefully, now apart but Zhang Yu, Ji can already clearly see the trio looks posture.
yellow juvenile stature that has not yet grown, beautiful face, Xuefu flower appearance, it seems there should be only eleven carefully, old look, this is based on his riding Ji judge, after all, one under the age of ten if year-old child had this riding, it is also somewhat shock, because it generally delicate young skin as creamy, Jiaohan demeanor is moving, that he was only nine years old, or is someone will believe it. At the moment it started playing in juvenile yellow light green fine whip, now look Ji, now look at that black youth, a pair of bright eyes Wuliu Liu revealed a strong curiosity flavor.
with suspicion in front of their own eyes looking at his black youth, though aggressive, old-fashioned tone with one of the masters can look, but Ji looked carefully, this boy looks quite immature, and that should be yellow young age, as if, at least not greater than their own, but his brow with a thick cloud of evil spirits, so that he looked a little vicissitudes of life, coupled with his high stature, so look older, more.
while standing behind the horse riding equipment, but most young Ji vigilance, the young man looked sixteen-year-old age, looks normal, gentle temperament refined touches, though rare horse under the seat, but the body of the clothes and hands they are all the usual things whip, no matter how it looked nothing but an ordinary young boy, but he did and saw these two extraordinary boy is born and ride the line, and an air of calm, there is no trace of cowardice uneasy demeanor. Ji remember, his father had warned himself, such a person is the most dangerous, will have to pay attention.
that black boy on Ji and do not seem to answer, paused, then pointed with his whip back bow Ji said: “You are on a good tire iron bow, there should be three stone of the force, if Using such Strongbow is a bachi Tahan can also participate in military, you really can use this bow it  ”
Ji hearts of a wide, but it turned out to be his bow caused the young man’s attention, he Chen Sheng said: “good childhood Hsiao Ke Wu, fairly decent effort, it can barely use this iron bow, originally also quite arrogant, just a small can along the way, there are many around the Big Yong juvenile court practice in school warriors bow and arrow, a lot of people also use this Strongbow and wanted more rare small can actually strange. ”
hear that black teenager Ji slightly more sarcastic tone, implying that he does not have to fuss in his heart and said, this young South Chu dare carry three stone since Strongbow self-defense, showing the strength of their own archery will definitely be very confident, big Yong Wu Cheng Xing boy is good enough, but such a young warrior, in the school field with three stone Strongbow can also be really used to combat self-defense, but it is generally only use two stone arrows, South Chu juvenile if on the physical constitution of the not as good as North were strong, but it can easily use this teenager three stone Strongbow, must be seen as unusual. Thought here, he coldly: “I see you unidentified, most likely South Chu spies, you can come with me back to the government to accept plate inquiry, if you really identity innocence, I shall put you, if you have identity ghosts, can not blame me dispose of you. ”
Ji secretly startling, but he is also arrogant person, coldly: “The son would be irrational, although small can origin wilderness, but also know what is the law, and young son, surely not the official human, with What to detention small can, say, small can come to understand, son casually to count, does is so big Yong who treats his country what  ”
that black boy Jianmei a Villa, said: “You’d eloquent, but it is a pity to find the wrong object, but my Dukes Lee Ka Lun, how can not be questioned on you, you are with me or my own people will you Qinhui palace, if you Ganwei life away, it heralds the princes let imperial guards hunting you, that time is not so polite to you. ”
Ji furious, could not help but clenched fists, no matter how their own identity, but there is no evidence that black youth will be brought back to their house to go, is it bullying, then I thought, he remembered that this young self-reported identity, turned out to be a Prince, though in the end he did not understand what identity, but it is undoubtedly the royal clan, listen to his voice despite their suspicions, but not sure if they receive his trust, or have the opportunity to close Chu County Hou Jiangzhe it.
then, to see him angry, but silent resentment appearance, that the hearts of a young yellow soft opening: “Lin brother, forget it, his age is not much bigger than us, how is it spies , you are not household Strongbow Man is power, see hunters happy, want to force him to stay by your side guards do it  If you misbehave, I will complain to the whereabouts of the King of Qi uncle, uncle is whether you, aunt would not let you go. ”
Ji mind a move, looked up and saw that the black youth face flashed suspicious Red Cloud, looked away and said: “My father and mother Princess will not blame me, anyway, his identity is indeed suspicious.”
At this moment the yellow boy was furious, one hand on his hips and said: “Li Lin, if you do not listen to that again, I will go and look Chun brother, let him heavily punish you, if I ask Chun brother let you out, you should now be accompanied Chun brother reading it. ”
this young voice Tragic, although in akimbo curse, but the kind of demeanor let Ji moving Jiaochen mind of a swing feel, turned out to be dazzled and could not move eyes. At this time, the young man had listened to curse, and some discouraging to see Ji Li Lin an obsession with the look, the hearts of a group Teng anger kindled, removing severely whip to Ji, Ji mind chaos, there are not preparedness, then whip mercilessly pumping on his shoulders, Shashi broken blood spattered clothing, Ji heard Tonghu, hand holding the bow arm, glaring that black teenager. At this time, the same time that several guard rode forward, lining up, looking at Ji, Ji and a cold heart, Qiangyanuhuo said: “No matter what you are Prince Dukes, would be too insulting people.”
Li Lin see him look indignant, can not help but uneasy, not too far from the feel, looks after all his companions are on the choice temperament, which is just south of Chu teenager more than glances, why their angry, But just do not know how his heart is anger, but no matter how apologetic he was, after all, his origin temperament, can not let him easily bow to apologize. Happens this time, that boy saw Ji yellow off the blood, scream earth-shattering, said: “Li Lin, you’re too much, I want to make the King of Qi uncle ban your foot.” Then the boy jumped off the horse, Ji walked around, removed from her a veil of Ji said: “You do not worry ah, I Lin brother is such a temper, he had nothing malicious.” When he finished, remove the inside tips from the waist bottle vulnerary, for Ji to wrap the wound.
Ji originally helpless mind of course, could not bear to Tuiju, but why a security guard approached and said: “Princess, or so help this little brother Guoshang under it.” Ji heart shocked, this boy was actually a little girl No wonder scenery looks so feminine, and then remembered that this little girl for escort called Princess, presumably also a big Yong royal person, hearts a mess, I do not know dismayed or disappointed, Ji suddenly pushed the girl in yellow, then shouted: “Do not you cry cat rat.” maiden pushed for a staggering, almost fell, her childhood by inertia coddled, ever so wronged, if not a want to make unruly “brother” apology, how to give this strange boy Guoshang , think of this boy so rude, for a time could not help slivery tears Yingying. Li Lin had cold face on one side, thinking about how to please restore, saw Ji so rude, it is intolerable anger, whip a finger, said: “This thief dare offend Zhaohua Princess, give me tied him up, go back to the government punished. ”
Ji had also guilty himself for being such a treat that kind of girl, a Li Lin said, I just feel like thunderbolt in general, Zhao China Princess, but he knew the name. In order to assassinate Jiang Zhe, before stealing his father’s study reading instruments, knowing Chu County Hou Jiangzhe have a goddaughter, Sophie Jiang Ming Huan blue, royal family are very much loved pet, Conferring Sho China Princess, this girl turned out to be in front of Jiang Zhe female. That is his father’s small junior sister apprentice, even regardless of the door division identity, this girl’s father, but South Chu Panchen, is they want to assassinate enemies, and I do not know how, in his mind an empty yo, even that came bundled with two guard forgot himself revolt.
Then again soft blue Li Lin shouted: “Look, what you so soft-hearted, this thief is clearly South Chu spies, as well as with his counterparts of these people, but also gave King join me to go, a good cross-examination to see if they have any questions  ”
hearts cry this time already, Song Jian, who had approached cried and said: “County princes, and I are all law-abiding businessmen, the little brother is really not a spy, but also seek forgiveness mercy County Royal Highness.”
Li Lin cold face to ignore them, several security look at each other and shake her head, one of them took the horn, ready to issue a warning call patrol near the imperial guards.
when the original scolded by Li Lin tearful soft blue high channel: “Li Lin, do not you have finished, if you go so nonsense, I will no longer ignore you, obviously you first provocative, angered him rude to me, how you have now intensified bullying people. ”
Li Lin is furious, pointing to the soft blue and said: “I will be your outlet, you do not appreciate that they are what you people want to bother you so, is it because they are South Chu, you will like this mercy, do not forget, my uncle is the South Chu, You’re not, you are a big Yong people. ”
heard soft blue hide his face and burst into tears, crying while and said: “You, you talk nonsense, obviously you’re not unreasonable, like the pendulum Dukes shelf, I do not want you to misbehave, but you call me, whining, after can no longer ignore you. “he finished turning launched, rode to leave, Li Lin panicked horse stopped soft blue path, mouth wanted to apologize, but it is plain sight, not say, just as anxious sweat rain.
At this time, that has been next cynics juvenile light: “Knock it off, not a big deal, where the trouble child temperament, not to be laughed at. Blue children, Kerry Dukes also want for your outlet is not determined to gas you, Dukes temper you do not know what, as long as there is no problem as the little brother is not going to just give him the maximum wronged him a few days, if you do not much, it will not be so Dukes angry. “soft blue stared listen, finally silent bow, looking angry face gradually faded.
The boy again Li Lin said: “Kerry Dukes, Blue children patience and good, do not like to see you insult someone, and this is her foot and loved ones when you are, Changan so many elite children, when you have seen such a soft blue eventful, go stick your nose into other people. ”
Li Lin hear, look gradually relaxed, and whispered: “Huo Brother, I was wrong, should not see hunters happy, and this man embarrassed.” he finished a wave, so guard will put Ji.
Ji rope marks on the wrists gently, as if the body in a dream, then, that the boy surnamed Huo rode forward and said: “This little guy, though, is a bit too much Kerry Dukes, but you would be too proud , although saying that people can not live without a backbone, but you alone outside, how can self-willed and I’m home blue child Always be polite to you, you should not vent their anger on her here was twenty taels of silver, to give you recuperate Yajing, You do not refuse, which is auspicious, but also human, you have come to Chang’an since it is tracing, inevitably some difficulty, if there is any inconvenience, you can go to your home ningguo Princess Changle find me, my name is Huo Cong, Imperial I’m afraid you do not enter to go, as long as the message telling Suzaku Gate guards on the line. ”
Ji mood has calmed down, although I do not know how this boy identity, he and Zhao Hua Princess so close, but Li Lin commensurate with Dukes, and Li Lin, also known as his brother, his identity even more confusing, But since he lived in your home Zhe Jiang, and Jiang family has given deep relationship, and he quelled a few words Li Lin and Jiang soft blue dispute noisy, their remarks were also polite and restrained, if he did not saved malicious, will anger totally disappeared, like his father said, such a person really very frightening.
Yi Yi He bowed and said: “Thank you, brethren teachings, but also the small can of unknown things, on the county Royal Highness, Princess and more offensive, please also three indulgences, the cloud will be several days in Chang’an, if the gun Royal Highness, Princess has The consultation, although it is small can is summoned, if sent, small can certainly ailing. ”
nahuo surname ray of light flashed juvenile heads, smiled and said: “So no better.” he finished, turning launched, smiling Yi Yi, then, Li Lin has been impatiently rode away, soft blue tightly follow, before leaving Ji still smile, her face still tears, but the laughter was like spring flowers bloom, no longer see just unpleasant. Nahuo surname teenagers and several security also horse chase.
businessman who escaped or complain, or persuade, Ji but had no mind, at the moment his mind trying to figure out how to take advantage of today’s encounter. This will inevitably have a few people Zhe Jiang and closely related, and that Kerry Dukes Li Lin saw is decisive vicious generation, if he becomes aware of his somewhat unusual form, probably not until the master hard evidence, they will be imprisoned torture themselves, and That Huo Cong, and probably deep effort of the people, not to mention Jiang Zhe side guard, but this two teenager has made him very vigilant, but added Jiang Zhaohua Princess Sophie blue, she was suffered favorite day of the arrogant woman , and is so good naive, certainly will not become your own obstacle might be able to become their own power, so that my hopes of finding a good opportunity to do close to Zhe Jiang. Hearts so thinking, Ji suddenly disgust on their own up their own when people become so insidious, that a girl would want to use to kill her father.
hearts of self-condemnation and whether Ji, that three young girls horse back to the Imperial City, Li Lin only the soft blue on doorsteps fled without looking back, he may not want to see in front of his soft blue faces complain, just think of my uncle’s strange eyes with a smile that, let him give birth to chill from the heart. Speaking, his temper is also the uncle really strange, the emperor uncle is so obviously love heavy, but he would prefer to live in seclusion in the winter garden perennial Gaobing, uncle and father are often forced to go and look imperial policy he asked, This is worth mentioning, That, after all, military affair, he also Landelikuai, anyway, he does not need to worry about the future. The only thing that Li Lin uncomfortable is that this uncle biggest hobby is bullying own pair of children, soft blue and Jiang Jiang Shen, and for so many years this way. Today, the Queen and Prince Blue children relied on for her backing, has not so trouble, Jiang Shen Mody, young age, you know not to go home temple hiding the clouds, if a home is always in his own home run, especially my sister Li Ning After birth, this kid is reluctant to go home. Hateful, bullying uncle than his own children, I do not know how they took aim at themselves, each to his own, where he will be seeking an excuse to tease, this soft blue himself in tears, and he will not let opportunities. Thought here, Li Lin wait never seen this uncle, strange, how could feel his original amiable uncle, the reason given is ignorance.
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Chapter VI forever be known to be the enemy
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Longsheng four years, in addition to mourning the princess, the king went to pay homage to marry Yongding Dukes House, Princess Perfectionist promised, Taizong heard of rejoicing, for the gift of pro-marriage.
when the emperor is still known as healthy, since the King of Qi widower after every regular anxiety, Wen marriage overjoyed, mainly pro-marriage, was sitting executive arm said Dukes, two of the world for marriage, secured end instrument Princess Xu Yongding County Shizi .
end instrument princess, emperor and 14 women are out of Zhao Yi Duan, virtuous Chen Ning, MT instrument, was fifteen years old, Liu Yongding County Shizi, sexual behaved, indifferent Jirye, was nineteen years old. Qin Jin facto, Liu Sui.
- “History of Yong Jia Pinggong Main Biography
palace from the side door into the Qi, Li Lin will sit

Mai Takeo, perhaps better than southern people their lives comfortable, but they did have a strong expression of confidence and proudly. No wonder his father often sigh, every mention endless northern enemies would upset, obviously just over thirty years of age, but has been coming from the white hair. His past always wondered why one of the best in South Chu has a power status, single-handedly let people down south Wrangler Yong’s father, but always secretly worried, though rich southern comfort, but it is corrupt military and civilian safety, If on the preparations underway for the big Yong, must be an uphill battle. Jianye city reminds swords have rusted imperial guards, and then think about the way to see the big Yong Corps around the garrison and rural practice, which should be just big Ersan Liu Yong military force, if force has been in the south of the Chu Great part of the army over. In comparison, only about guarding Jingxiang father and the capacity of generals guarding Jia Meng Guan’s army under General I can and large Yong enemy, although his father, and it is no wonder that the old fox or not, but in the matter and the large Yong conferences and above always unanimous.
Cloud Road South Chu true identity but the eldest son of generals Lu Chan Ji, when Lu Chan though naughty naughty, but for the love affair, but there is no the right to autonomy, eighteen-year-old was ordered to get married the following year gave birth to Lu cloud, fourteen years, already has three sons and a daughter, of course, Miss Chan is the most beloved eldest son Ji, Ji and his father both appearance and temperament is almost a mold inside out, although born in the bustling Fairview among it is a favorite horse bow guns and knives, almost toddler will learn martial arts, along with his family, early twenties can be shot beast, pick the gun bandits, is famous for the door gained.
identity like him, should not have slunk to large Yong, this time away from home is to assassinate a man, speaking first year since Longsheng (with Thailand eleven years) Lu Yong Chan took advantage of a large North Han Chanzhan, Qing Wang was just to quell the rebellion, Dongchuan people commotion, Xi Qu Jia Meng Guan later, Lu Chan Chu in the South has become worthy of the name of the military leaders that rights inone of the Shang Weijun have scruples his third . South Chu those compliments toward the front of the villain see Can not shake the status of land, then all sorts of attacks from the side Lu Chan, and Lu Zhe Jiang Ha Chan had taught the facts became best handle.
worked for South Chu Hanlin, but surrendered a large Yong, who has married Princess Changle South after the king, so that disloyalty Zhe Jiang Nan Chu had become the ruling and opposition criticism of the object, in caring provocation, the Jiangnan Shi After the child is warmed with wine, can not help but curse the river with a few Er Chen Zeizi cloud, and as Jiang Zhedi son, and had never been declared and were cut off gown Zhe Jiang Yi Lu Chan can not help being the fish pond seedlings. Although Chan defended boat landing due to credit, as well as military power in his hands, but no one dared to denounce the year, but secretly or defamatory constantly, and even wrote a letter home also had crazy life, remonstrate Lu Chan “severing.” This situation lasted a long time, even now this is big Zhe Jiang Yong court minister, dignified Junhou, consort Commandery, won the Emperor Li Zhi Yong Shun heavy nor destroyed South Chu for his censure storms. And Ji case can not understand why his father would rather talk by others denounce, also refused, and the man cut off gown justice, even until now, still emissary went to greet the year, even if the right man in the big Yong high weight, Nor should such a grievance struggling ah.
strong dissatisfaction with the already deposited in Ji mind, in the new year Chunhua Dan, Ji palace with his father to the party, but in the garden is a long Sunshang Wen Shang Weijun with a few like-minded wealthy children surrounded, in the presence His face insults his father fornication big Yong, Ji fury these few dude severely beaten, Oh provoke disaster. When Lu Chan questioned him, he just remained silent, with domestic discipline punishment by Lu Chan, half of the raised bed hurt and grounded Bimensiguo. But Lu Yunsheng Xing Yong Lie, thought to kill himself if Zhe Jiang, then no one can blame the father. So take advantage of his father to visit the Yangtze defense away from home. He was small, weekdays Lu Chan bundle and strict, so not many people know him, even he managed to pass a series of hurdles, all the way north to Chang’an. Expected Chang’an looked distant, his mind and emotion is confusion, how can the heavy escort assassination that treason usurper, as his father cleared stigma it, and certainly can not be aware of their identity is then ignorance, he also knows the big Yong assassination dignified consort, Yong Tai minister, will set off what storms do not want to hurt his father, or follow the ancient Niezheng general, assassinate success disfigured himself, let Ji this person it disappeared without a trace. Fiercely holding his fists, Ji rode along the caravan went to Chang’an.
just after the Baqiao, just full of murderous Ji also indulge in the spring sunshine in, I suddenly came back hooves, Ji was trained by his father when the cavalry on the sidelines, we know that this is a trained cavalry in Mercedes-Benz, but also from the strong hoofs neat you can hear, this is a very cavalry is the most elite cavalry under the command of his father, but also so, could not help but look back. I saw an armor and cavalry hurtling missing messy, Ji could not breath, the cavalry aggressive, Rulangsihu, although the armor and different, but they are all fine iron on a good fight A, saw their position to know that this is a proven, ready cavalry. Ji looked intently, I saw only one person dedicated cavalry foremost popular flag, the flag of the flame generally above a distinctive “forest” word.
Ji and caravan crowd retreated to the roadside, almost twinkling of an eye, this cavalry had galloped off from the side, Ji see clearly, is surrounded by the crowd in the middle of a pair of young men and women, men dressed in blue casual, probably twenty-eight old age, appearance looks handsome, weathered face with some of the color, but the brow with a refined atmosphere, while the woman is probably the twenties of age, a red Jinzhuang cloak, Shen Pei Yu Jian longbow white, beautiful flower, momentum fiery, bright and charming in with valiant British Gas. Pass the time on both sides, that the eyes of a young man seems to inadvertently turn, fell Ji who seemed slightly hesitated, Ji startled mind, gentle eyes of the man in a non unspeakable majesty, whole body up and down with implicit rather than explicit murderous, this is an excellent generals have temperament. Seems to be that men feel distracted, the woman also will glimpse, Ji again feel shocked, the woman is more Jialing momentum and that is a mighty force tolerance commanding majesty.
twinkling of an eye, that support the cavalry has gone, but leaving Ji is deeply shocked, are large Yong generals are like this style it is no wonder that the father would be so worried.
time, ears heard the buzz companion.
“also to the original Princess Chang Hongxia, must come birthday, overlord dead for several years, this is the birthday of the emperor, aged 45, Chang said the news to massive celebration, no wonder generations states sent a messenger over birthday. ”
Princess Ji Hongxia was thinking this is what people, but it is not remember, I had to ask Song Jian said: “Songda Shu, this is what people Hongxia Princess, ah, how looked so majestic   ”
Song Jian said: “path, you do not come too large Yong, do not know, this great South Chu Yong court and we are different, women can battle the enemy, just past that a General Lin Tong on behalf of the state, she Hongxia North Han originally Princess, on behalf of the state after the surrender big Yong, Yong Tai Lin is on courtesy, still retains her Princess fame. The Princess was not easy, when the military took behalf of the state to defend Yanmen , fight to the last one soldier dead also subside, Lin old general was killed, she voted in compliance Fuming big Yong, Lin family’s home now, although the Lord is Daijun Houlin Cheng instrument, but only on behalf of the state to comply with military and civilian Hongxia Princess The command must be why the man next to her Gunma Wang Ji, General, General Wang Chu south we would have been that he was a disciple of Chu Jun Hou, followed by Duke to the big Yong Jiang, Hongxia Princess and the East China Sea at first sight, only Unfortunately, their own master, only to duck wings. Later big fraternity North Han war, but took the opportunity to invade the Man Yanmen, General Wang learned sweetheart who fight to the death in Yanmen, they abandon all went to the same generation of the state and the Princess total death, and later in the battle before Laohou Ye Lin gave them the sounding of the married, had General Wang Hongxia Princess is ready and who died together, but fortunately a large emperor Yong liberal tolerance, timely sent reinforcements, or else they are afraid Yanmenguan died in the. ”
Ji hear trance, and said: “No wonder this tolerance, the original is to withstand the Man of the star, I’ve heard all these years Big Yong every year sent troops to fight the Man hunt prairie above, presumably is Hongxia and Wang Princess Ji generals presided over, no wonder they will carry with them such a strong domineering beholder. ”
Song Jian nodded and said: “To be honest, a large female generals Yung lot of it may be is not to say that someone, who long Hongxia Princess sister Jia Pinggong Lord, that’s and Princess Changle ningguo Girls eponymous hero, a text of a Wu, are the only government and the public figure can shake hands. had Jia Pinggong master with large Yong Long generals and war, the large number of Tarawa Yong famous are trounced, had big Yong four hundred thousand troops besieged, but also let the princess blaze Ex Large Yong people say, the emperor had given to surrender the Lin family, on the North Kingship room is so courteous, most also look in the face of the princess, you know what, I heard that when the dragon generals suicide Prior to His Royal Highness the King of Qi entrusted funeral, later this uproar, the King of Qi Jia Pinggong Highness is also very admiration Lord, but the princess refused promised. still hard in pursuit of the Qi princes 2023 , finally moved the princess, nodding allow marriage three years ago, the wedding of His Royal Highness the King of Qi Jia Pinggong owners when Yong Dici marriage, overlord and Yongding Dukes, is the original master himself Zhuhun North Han nation, and that caused quite a stir the north and south of grand ah large Yong royal family, the court took all the minister did not say all, many of the original North Han minister of state, generals are also to attend the wedding. BeiHan folk is so powerful that when the North Han destroy the country, the These people are not demobilize, that official position Hermitage, refused knees thing enemy, but that field wedding, these people have to re-enter the military. ”
Ji looking a little heavy, this thing he was aware of that when his father about the incident, had heaved endless, the day he does not understand, and now hear the Song Jian said it figured out, the King of Qi and Jia Pinggong main marriage, represents a large upper North Han Yonghe fusion, a large Yong affairs heyday of South Chu nature is worse, no wonder the father to worry about endless. And His Royal Highness the King of Qi is already a father’s rival, coupled with the Jia Pinggong Lord, my father is even more difficult, not to mention there who for many years and his father across the confrontation cloud Pei Pei generals yet. Ji Jia Pinggong have no doubt the Lord’s ability, do not say that all the rumors, I saw her baby sister Princess Hongxia so valiant, you know Jia Pinggong main inevitable better.
time, Song Jian has said: “Cloud Road, if to Chang’an, you might also see another legend, that is Housu Qing Cheng, who was also a Soviet generals northern Han Chinese, but she defected to the enemy in order at home Big Yong, Han doing for years in the North of the spy probe, reportedly set a countless outstanding service, but later she identity leak, turned out to be rebellious after Fengyi door, said she had to kill a large Master Yong emperor hundreds of miles, almost succeed. matter spread, many people say is a big Yong emperor again generous, the Soviet generals have to be cut job for the people, who knows the emperor is really large as the sea, Yong Tai not only did not increase crime, but also give her Marquis of the place, and now turn to the Soviet generals Hu Wei, deputy commanding is in charge of the Ouchi Guard duty, and even gained the trust of the emperor empress reuse. You see, this North Han woman really unusual, this trio which person can be earth-shaking, but had voted in large Yong, so a look, big Wenchen Yung’s more extraordinary, if not we have South Chu Lu generals, I’m afraid the military would have to cross the river south of Yong. ”
Ji heard here only a deep sigh, what a heavy burden on the shoulders of his father, he has a deeper understanding, but there are people secretly accused him of slander, depriving himself of that given to kill his father suffered humiliation Jiang Zhe, regardless of whether he is what a high position.
Ji secretly sworn in when the ear came again swift hoofs, as well as crisp as silvery laughter wind floated in general, Ji could not help but laugh looked down, I saw another one on a fork seven hurtling horse riding, Ji saw above knight, hold back the urge to rub your eyes, he stared looked carefully.
which seven are thousands of miles to pick a horse’s Liang Ji HORSE, in front of three knights riding children are teenagers, followed by four guard warrior riding is obviously wealthy teenager Chang Chun return.
intermediate riding a white horse is a very beautiful boy looks, Liu Meixing eyes, muscle light snow, dressed in yellow clothes, high spirits, Ji heard laughter precisely this issue of juvenile yellow . And in this boy left a knight riding a sixteen-year-old handsome boy, though dressed in riding equipment, but it is refined gentle, even though galloping horse, nor a trace of despotic gas. In the other side of that yellow young black youth is very different, although it seems that only older teens, but it is looking Chill, solemn guarded, even with the slightest brow murderous, it is one they tremble in fear.
Ji’s gaze fixed on that yellow boy was, in any case can not be back, this boy seems to spring the most general as bright sunshine, his laughter is so cheerful, could not detect a trace of annoyance sad, Whenever you see him, he felt between heaven and earth is so wide, life is so beautiful. As bright dazzling, let Ji could not help but give birth to a touch of jealousy, he is bitter from, in all likelihood will be ruined lives here, but under the same sky, there is a similar age and their own young, so joy and happiness.
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Chapter VI forever Ome, such as beans
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After the self-owned Yong
princess, with the Yongding Dukes West into Chang’an, Dukes initially apprehension towards each Restinga crime, the princess does not serve slightly off overnight, Wang Naian.
Taizong be princess thick, every church feast, will be invited to the princess, whether royal nobles, civil and military minister, has mocked by key deserved. However, like the princess heroic side, see all those awe, Mogan light also.
, the King of Qi Xie military power, military counselor went back to Beijing, admiration Princess Valiant, reverberates compliments Yongding Dukes, desires princess is even, Dukes fear its power, allowing the princess inspired wedding, princess anger, sword into the palace of Qi, WANG Chang Guixie of, valet reported to the first dragon generals last words, a little angry princess solution is discarded go.
- “History of Yong Jia Pinggong Main Biography
Ji journeying gazing in yellow juvenile laugh  d when, riding a horse that has three passing, at this moment, that black boy suddenly “Hey,” a cry, suddenly Lema closed reins, horse black horse looking up Changsi black cone, actually was then stopped the pace, showing that horses are Liang Ji, which is also very black boy riding absolutely fine. Liang Qi is next to grab out of the horse stopped after Ji Zhang, seen riding with less. ‘d Follow closely behind the four guards, almost silently Lema stopped, and that a few people are hands on the handle, cover your faint in front of three teenagers.
that black boy high data immediately, pointing with his whip Ji and asked: “Who are you  come from  to Chang’an to do ”
Ji startled mind, but not knowing what the flaws exposed, but he gained the door, after all, extraordinary courage, the moment neither overbearing nor authentic: “small can surname clouds, called Cloud Road, the Southern Chu, this is followed by tracing the caravan to Chang’an. ”
this time, that Liang Qi also rode away too young

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Ancestral North Kingship room, at which time the North Han only Jinyang surviving, soldiers barricaded them, although LIN Bi-hosted military affairs, then Yong military exploits, and on behalf of the state has been reduced, the North Han suspect it will eventually drop down are Yong. Emperor asked minister of state, are nothing to answer, is Asking Promise in Beijing Lantai National Division, the two closeted all night, I can not hear everyone.
June 18, the emperor sent envoys descending table to Yong camp the next day, carrying clan Baiguan, white-lowering, bringing the North Han subjugation, twenty-four years to enjoy the country. Li Zhi edict, Conferring emperor as Yongding Dukes, are placed back to Yong, the North Han Clan Jiejiang Jazz moved Yong Du, Wei Jia Pinggong main LIN Bi, Li Zhi recognition of its loyal and fierce, still Conferring princess. Behalf of the state Lin, Lin Yuanting the dead, still Conferring behalf Junhou, the eldest son of Lin Cheng instrument Xijue make it, make it female Hongxia Sheriff Lin Tong palm behalf of the state general printing, guarding Yanmen.
thereafter as Jinyang Li Zhi Ren Xuansong Jiedushi, pull commoner Zhao Liang as Jinyang order Sukeyuki, but also in Jinyang New Liping Northern Army, Jing Chi mainly will, unified army two hundred thousand, the former North Han Abridged each gun, and by the Xuan Song temperance, slightly flattened North, Greater Yong repeatedly petitioned courtier, Li Zhi also urged North Korea, in July the first two days, Li Zhi triumphant return to Chang’an, the King of Qi Xian, LIN Bi Jia Pinggong Lord, Chu Township Hou Jiangzhe are Suijia West into Chang’an.
royal chariot on top of toast Li Zhi said: “With the cloud, seen for many years, you have no chess grow ah.”
me see the chess pieces, shrugged and said: “I is not no progress in chess, but chess Majesty more craftsmanship. His Majesty the King of Qi and His Royal Highness must have been exhausted is the hatchet death, I do not know Robinson mentioned The wedding Majesty how to treat  ”
Li Zhi said: “For six brother really have this ability, I for Zhuhun is, in short, can not be wronged Pitt princess touches BROWNSHIRT Lin Tong’s marriage and I did not think that this child is your door Junjie, actually willing to abandon Albatron road, to go and live and die Xiaojun Zhu, also got married Yun Lin Yuanting personally, have him in behalf of the state, I can rest assured that many, even unruly Lin family, I also have hitching a halter. ”
I lightly said: “This is BROWNSHIRT exchange with their own lives, the day I let him go, though, does not mind, not angry, but finally he still have my heart this master, so give him a chance, If he died in Yanmen naturally no problem, if the day of the reunion, I will fulfill his unrequited love. Otherwise, even if he is already a generation of Hou’s son, I want to Qutaxingming nothing but easy. ”
Li Zhi look at me, shook his head and said: “You do not fool with, and give you a letter so I sit back and watch what I say on behalf of the state worked hard, I do not just want to quickly decide stimulated rescue behalf of the state, that your letter is to Lee Monopoly how it is, I’m afraid you’re better than anyone else worried about the safety of BROWNSHIRT, let him Yanmen hard work, but to give him a chance to win her heart fills, finally this kid enough guts, did not live up to your expectations, I have closure of the place of his generals, let him give in behalf of the state border guard I right. ”
I shyly smile, not much to say.
Li Zhi will Yujiu poured a cup and handed me and said: “With the cloud, depends on your painstaking, so that the North lost Kingship room last resort, I had to please drop in, if the final bloody battle to seize Jinyang really relying not only army suffered heavy losses, within a few decades, Jinyang also difficult to recover, and now the North Han surrender, although obtaining large Yong soldiers land tax, just a few years to recharge your batteries, you can attack south of Chu, Secretary of reactive hell Please fill drink this cup. ”
I took Yujiu drank, laughed and said: “The emperor, the North Han has been flat, the East China Sea surrender has come to court, the matter of the south attacked Chu Wei Chen is also less than that is not allowed to temporarily return to the East China Sea resort Robinson some time it  ”
Li Zhi heard this, with a straight face and said: “This can not, do not say I never promised you away from North Korea, do not you, and Changle married for several years, Meet the father-in-law do not go to it, the Queen Mother is waiting for you to go Meet it, she always worried about your body well, worried Changle hardship, not the pleasure of seeing you absolutely refuse to worry, as Fu Huang what, I left Beijing at the time, has been that girl sweet soft blue flatter relented and decided to no longer blame you, if you miss this, do not you want to accept Fu Huang. Besides, you do not want to see Changle, soft blue and cautious child Mody, Fu Huang and his mother, but one is not incensed, unless you are willing to go back to the East China Sea alone, or in this life you never leave Chang’an. ”
I bitter face, the last hope gone with the wind, think of my comfortable quiet Jinghai Hills, pity ah.
see me face depression, Li Zhi also felt bear, trying to comfort a few words, this time the sound was heard hurried footsteps, some intrinsic fear and trepidation in the window and said: “Your Majesty, there are eight hundred urgent military intelligence.”
and I are frowned Li Zhi, Li Zhi took the instruments, but only the one, the sound will be issued sigh deeply looked at me and said: “With the cloud, your disciple whom no one is good generation . ”
my heart startled, what does this mean, quickly grabbed the intelligence to look, nor by issuing smile, which was written very clearly, June 27, Lu Chan Jia Meng Qingqi captured off, from Dongchuan and Sichuan The portal has been falling in between South Chu master, you want to attack South Chu, one down the river from Xiu, one crossing operations, and now the land has been impregnable Jingxiang Yangtze natural barrier and for both total and land Can this kid is powerful enough, the surface is Shang Weijun pressed, can not do anything, but taking advantage of the large Yong negligence suddenly enter the Dongchuan, this kid is given collusion Qing Wang remnants to forfeit to capture Jia Meng Guan now firmly occupy the South Chu banbishan south, the world is unified within the foreseeable future, when I can Hermitage Linquan ah.
could not help but sighed deeply, and I raised his glass, slowly drink chilly Mikimoto, looking through the thin veil, look to the vast world outside the royal chariot, world affairs often not satisfactory, why should I have to worry about it
finished third in the time I have said that the plot has come to an end, and now I have to repeat these words, the North Han populations subsided, Dongchuan mutiny ended, the East China Sea is also about allegiance big Yong, bringing the world has become the pattern of North-South confrontation, when I finished third, I really can not continue to write considering the later chapters, fourth, fifth writing can be said to be very tough, inert and writing on human difficulties let me have deterred a lot slower speed, the only consolation is that still maintained a relatively stable update frequency, anyway finally completed five hundred thousand of these two words.
To be honest, some of these two kinds of problems, many people have criticized [www. 2009W. com whole. Management. The system. As] is the protagonist of the play other roles are often taken away, but this is not the way, the protagonist of the cause of his frail Jiongju not run around, so I can only be conceived by his protagonist hands down the realization of his men can be said to be his influence from their means can be expressed in Chujiang Zhe powerful place, especially Bajun, they can be said Zhe Jiang’s immediate disciples, their behavior more to performance Chujiang Zhe talent and character.
And this two I mainly wanted to show the hero and the hero of the duel, whether or large North Han Yong, have nothing wrong, just that they exist in an era, I do not think the North Han court dragon fly, LIN Bi, segment invincible, Tan bogey, paragraph Peak, autumn jade, who will fly because the big advantage Yong strong and give up resistance, knowing that is a tragedy, but they will never be compromised, so I’m here to do a “kill with wave” Long Ting Fei, TAN bogey, quartz is my eleven into their lives, while segment Peak, autumn Yu Fei, Duan invincible though not dead, but they also experienced pain like fire flames. There are some characters played much, and I also enjoy to describe their deaths.
example, huguan the defender Liu Wanli, he was a relatively mediocre talent, even when he was martyred, still worried about his wife and children, in the “soldiers out huguan” and “city burn” two chapters, I depicts the struggles and Ms. Liu Liu Wanli the faithful, in the self-immolation of that scene, I deliberately wrote Ms. Liu and Liu Wanli calm weakness, was determined to write an ordinary generals martyred, I do not think everyone is like Long Ting Fei, TAN bogey generous to die as warriors can, and some people do not have much flash or bright spot, and even may become weak, to be afraid of, but is such that they would make me even more impressed martyred, and Liu Lady’s image is an albedo, I do not like such kind of fairy image Chi Hong Ching characters, so I wrote Fengyi door, but I also think there are a lot of women are not ashamed worldly eyebrows, Ms. Liu is one of them .
There assassination Jing late assassin wearing magic number keys, died in Yanmenguan Lin Yuanting, they are playing a few characters, but they are the backbone of the North Han lie, so I do not scrimp on ink.
and in this two inside, I shaped the image of Su Qing, in fact, had no idea of ​​this character, but I finished the first three, the only regret is that Wen Zi Yan, that is not beautiful, but it has courage strong temperament woman laments her mortal destiny, so I wrote Su Qing, Wen Zi Yan’s disciple, also from the side depicts Wen Zi Yan for their blind loyalty is not without struggle, but she could not betray gave himself all door division, I never liked the practice of severing, sometimes I think severing is synonymous with cold-blooded nature of mind, so Wen Zi Yan died, but she left a SuQing, I have always felt SuQing aspect battlefield, Fiat allies and enemies, this is the ideal purple smoke smell. But now also left to the reader doubt SuQing who gets what, frankly, I do not think, in addition to not let her marry someone Zuoqie outside, you may wish to discuss, hee hee, I do not promise to make you wish fulfilled ah.
Overall, I wrote a lot of this two kinds of people, large Yonghe North Han war is too cruel, because the fall of a hero, but no such bloody battle, there is no possibility of domination .
last, or ending the North Han hurried battlefield may make a lot of people disappointed, think we should write some of the war such as flooding Jinyang, from the outset, but I had no intention to write, whether it is ridiculous that field Qing Wang rebellion, or the demise of the North Han, Zhe Jiang is reflected in my war thinking, breaking States, the country is on. So Jiang Zhe make Qing Wang carried away to initiate the rebellion, and then at the highest fall, will celebrate the king and Shu opposition forces uprooted, so Jiang Zhe the North Hon Kwok main arm of the star and the supporting forces eleven removal, Long Ting Fei and other generals die dead, go away, the main army was defeated Yung, the army no longer confident of victory, to appease the magic number, so that the heart of Beijing Promise no daredevil, on behalf of the state of surrender, allowing the North Han only rely on the main country LIN Bi losing battle Italy, and finally as the last straw that breaks the camel, like, so the North Han lost all hope, so the last room Qingjiang North Hanwang also justified it. Hehe skilled persons without the power, I hope I demonstrated this idea.
next South Chu of the war, in fact, may be several chapters on end, may also be delayed more than a dozen chapters, Chapter 30 or even two, I was not sure, but definitely not more than thirty chapters, it actually wrote here it end  Anyway, I want to rest, relax, following a good idea about how to write, or write or not to write. So next week there will not be updated, the original finish third, I rest for two weeks, the only rest for a week, it should be nothing, right  Goodbye, always supported me until now readers, if you have any comments, please post in the book review area, I will always look up to.

Chapter VI forever unhappy boy wonder
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“Wang Shui Rongrong Spring Bridge, a truss clear mountain down Bifeng Qin Yuan Petals zero dewy, Baling new wine dial grains concentrated. Qinglong Yaojiao plate pairs Que, Danfeng   h interval Kokonoe. Vancomycin pedestrians parting, the unbearable Yin strike sunset bell. ”
Big Yong Longsheng seven Monkey, mid-spring after midnight, spring fills the air, sunny, traveling on the post road leading to Chang’an, such as flow, flocked intercourse at least 10 million merchants, since the first year of the North Longsheng dominate after they South Chu conferences and, mindful of the parties designated river, though undercurrents, the two sides did not let up because the surface of the peace, but, after all, in the seven years of halcyon days, a large Yong affairs of state clear, harmonious, national flourishing, Changan also increasingly prosperous, especially in recent years large Yong committed to Western business channel development, especially the construction of several post road is convenient for business travelers from around the Changan has become the world’s commercial center.
in a constant stream of business travelers, there is an inconspicuous little caravan drove leisurely way, this caravan is composed of a number of small temporary business travel, long way to go, plus a large Yong unity Soon the North, it is inevitable there will be some banditry, so go hand in hand, but also plan a safe. Zhezhi caravan principal is a businessman surnamed Song, Song Jian, his early forties age, rushing peddler in the north and south for many years, smart, bold temperament, they were all elected out of principal. See Ba ​​shore vague Willow, pointing to the front he Jubian excited authentic: “Guys, the front is Baqiao, and we catch a hurry today, before sunset to the stack can rest.” These caravans are very excited, are also simply repeating what should be and that they have a fixed partner Changan stack, just go to the quotient stack, since someone will help them to settle down, seeing the destination is coming, is the most calm people are inevitably some excitement . Which has a has a thirteen or fourteen teenagers most excited, eyes shining, looking at the front of the smoke.
Song Jian could not help seeing the smile, the boy called Cloud Road, not travel, but met on the road to the traveler, the day they are greedy rush away, on the way to meet Bandit, although caravan also has bodyguards thugs, but those mountains Thieves relied on bows sealed roads, being critical time, the boy riding after they repelled the brigands help solve the problem. The young boy was not much, but as a general body milk tiger infinite power, was able to use the three stone Strongbow, arrows never scared, Pente seven arrows, shot several Thief. Zhuzou culprits, the crowd learned that the boy was to go north to Chang’an tracing, then at his request with his peers, anyway, it does not take more than one person with something, and this young archery can also come in handy . Along the way, after the young man in front with very diligent clever, cheerful disposition is crisp, although only more than a month time, but it has become the most popular figures in the caravan.
But Song Jian, after all things sophistication, he had seen this boy unusual place, although it is quite smart and capable young, but also can be hard, but from the beginning he was often guilty of some small mistakes of view, obviously not done these things, and although the calluses on his hands and feet, but the result is like martial arts, and although he was young, but it is proficient in writing, although a look that is out of the fledgling first, but pointing the way for his own scenery along the way, only need a few words, he understood, and even argumentative put forward some detailed questions, if not the young boy that he’d like to suspect that this boy is big Yong Nam Chu sent a secret spy. But look at the boy looked curiously, Song Jian smiled, South Chu is then no, it will not send such a child to go snooping military bar, which is mostly a family of children go home and see this boy Wenwu two passers have some achievements, his family background certainly extraordinary. But these things do not have to worry about them, as long as the boy is not a spy probe, it will not affect their business.
looking at the Ba River shore scenery, Cloud Road heart is very happy, it was a long journey, and finally to the destination of joy, but an indefinable Tao unknown emotions so that he almost could not help but sigh out loud. Childhood growing up in the south bustling place, seeing Wu Feng Chu months, birds are flying long grass of the southern scenery, all the way north, was surprised to find the North Spring is charming and moving, uplifting and more a kind of vitality, the two spring or do not phase and down, but the rain than JiangNaChun step three sigh, Spring and recollections of the scholar, he’d be more like those in the North riding in the spring breeze juvenile hero. Took countless villages and towns along the way, always feel that these large cloud Lu Yong Renhao

Drop out of the city on behalf of the state military Yongzheng emperor heard of it, the only sigh runny nose, refused to stop, and sent someone phrase Lord said: You can drop out of the city’s. Lord said: by the king of Motherly Love, death without regret, how can deviate, Naizhi.
Yong Tai Wen Princess of no return, lamenting inexplicable, sent into the Jinyang capitulate, flocked sense emperor Emperor Yung Cheng Yi, is a drop.
- “Mirror Yong Ji three
At this point, people began to flee outside pretty, remaining dozen slain Lin family looked up, a young black armor and cavalry are wantonly killing was never led the Man, cruel thunder, flags, such as sea precisely Yong Jun striker arrived. Smoke filled, the others rushed around Lin Tong Yong cavalry smoothly around a minute, a Yong army generals rode swiftly, and he was wearing behalf of the state around a tall young Army armor led the way swiftly, high channel : “Tong child, Tong child, my father do ”
Lin Tong hearts survived iffy joy and confusion mixed one, to see this young man, all the emotions are turned into nothingness, she cried loudly sad: “Brother, brother, dad in the city, and had no the sound, I’m afraid, I’m afraid …… ”
young man roar, turned toward that has been unblocked Dengdao, gently army generals that Yong Yi Tan, a wave, a number of military Sui Yong young man away, that generals Su Rong said: “weekend Lee knock, honor ranking army lieutenant mighty big Yong’s post, His Majesty the mission, rescue Yanmen, I do not know of you can have the energy to guide the direction of the army, kill Manjun. ”
wipe Zhu Lei Lin Tong, categorically said: “I am Lin Tong, general willing to lead the way.”
Lee knock frowned: “Princess Jiuzhan rest of my life, I’m afraid it difficult to support, but do not want to see Princess Lin old general situation it ”
Lin Tong categorically said: “Lin Tong’s life had not their own, be able to live up to now this is God blessing, my father is alive or dead, Lin Tong can not do anything, but if so barbarian army receded, Lin Tong vertical die too discredited to go See behalf of the state elders, please generals assured, Lin Tong still supported. ”
Lee knock still hesitant BROWNSHIRT out the words: “General Lee, please feel relieved the next Wang Ji, is willing to lead the way and my wife together for the army, the next well-known outside the geographical Yanmenguan, when the army Zhuidi will help, please do not worry about our generals Couple. ”
that Lee knock heads flashed a dazzling light, he immediately hand over: “So is the Chu Xianghou sects BROWNSHIRT son, lack of manners, in the winter garden serve weekend was over, Mr. Chu Xianghou once when parting ADS weekend heed son’s whereabouts, to see son safe and sound, but also the hearts of consolation weekend, and there is the son of Moses, presumably will certainly let the Man Yutao blind alley. ”
BROWNSHIRT issued Di Hu, could not help but ask: “My son also went to Xinzhou it ” Lin Tong heard inside him angry meaning, exactly Yong army led to horses, she keep silent to elbow one hit red Ji belly, BROWNSHIRT endless pain when she had on a new horse, rides off into the direction of the Man fled and ran. BROWNSHIRT also refused to knock Lee and say, quickly caught up. Attracted those who are slain Lin family surviving a knowing smile, there are a few spare conceited also rode chase, lead the way in front of Yong army.
Lee knock is secretly funny, in fact, he did not see Jiang Zhe, from ten days ago, he was ordered to enter behalf of the state, on behalf of the state and the people are aware of the Lin family but hostility between large Yong, now Yanmenguan bloody battle in full swing, actually is the heart of the message sent to nobody Yanmen, if they are worried about Lin Yuanting Yong scored behalf of the state know that the great news, the expense of their people fulfill a state, so they spontaneously organize themselves blocked Yong military offensive. Although Lee has repeatedly stated desire knock rescue Yanmen, those people are still thinking big Yong is to be in trouble, can not hurt behalf of the state in the case of civilians, Yong Jun arguably its difficult, often overnight several surprise, with great difficulty only to the Yamanashi. This time on behalf Yorkers thought Lee knock Yu Gong Yamanashi, where there is a hall where Lin, on behalf of State Ms. Hou Anqing Princess is now in Yamanashi, Lee knock almost unable to move, just as he was miserable when encountered Qingjiang help prepare whereabouts Yong Lin Cheng military instrument. And almost at the same time, Jiang Zhe Li knock messenger also to the front, explained to him BROWNSHIRT assist in Yanmen Lin Shou Guan things. While not understand how Jiang Zhe people will Yanmen door, but once in the cold park guards can only marvel at Mr. Jiang Li knock the shenjimiaosuan Bale. With the guidance of Lin Cheng instrument, Yong Jun striker almost unhindered rushed Yanmen, Lee knock on behalf of the state knew that the emperor thought highly of the Lin family, so running all the way, especially in the face of the remnant escaped from Yanmen after more edgy. To Yanmen from the nick of CRISIS rescued and BROWNSHIRT Lin Tong, his heart is very fortunate, it seems Lin Yuanting already ominous, while Lin Tong Lin Yuanting pro-life is now the Lord on behalf of the state, with her Cooperation can settle on behalf of the state, which is Lin Tong probably more than I’m Cheng instrument is more important, just look at Lin Yuanting Finally, a large office to young girls instead of the eldest son, I know it, not to mention and forest Cheng instrument counterparts a day and night, and he has also been seen Lin Cheng instrument although riding and shooting wise, temperament straightforward, but there is none as generals potential.
At this time, the city’s head suddenly came the cries broke our heart and lungs, Lee knock gently Yi Tan, saw Lin Cheng Miriam washed down from the rocky mountain path, turn it on horses rushed to the customs, Lee saw him knock sounded tears binocular such as blood, mind is compassion, making a wink, a close forest Cheng Instrument Guards while he was unprepared, a hilt of his stun arm down. At this time, a partial head down from out of the city, to the Lee knock the horse before, shaking his head praise: “General, on behalf of the state military heroes really is, is simply Shura field on the city, three thousand Snow Wolf Army and all the generation of the state military almost all died, but on behalf of a state military generals called Lin Yuanchong is still alive, there are several generations states army of only seriously wounded, although both can not speak and move, but should not affect their lives, under the Medical treatment has made, Lin Yuanting already died, are surrounded by snow wolf army and the army of corpses behalf of the state, according to weekend to see, given that his body lure, set an ambush around trapping the enemy. ”
Lee knock also the hearts of admiration, and said: “Well, we went Zhuidi, do not let our people Qiaode flat a mighty army.” Having said Cemayangbian ran outside to Yanmenguan.
In the intervening two hundred years later, the Central Plains cavalry finally again set foot on the Man’s Land, this time a full Zhuixi three hundred years, in behalf of the state army under the guidance of Lee’s main knock the Barbarian defeated, the next two decades, rebuilt several times on behalf of the state military raid into the prairie, will be beaten to pieces the Man ministries, the Ministry of Grenoble is almost genocide, since then, a full five decades, the Man died down, afraid to peep Yanmenguan. The northern one, the impregnable. This is something not to mention Yanmen victory, the priority is how to deal with entire generations have controlled the state Yong army.
Today behalf of the state, but remnants thousand people, but the Lord Sheriff Lin Tong Hongxia, though meager forces, but from Lee knock into the generation of the state since our experience, if the Lin family desperate to mobilize the public on behalf of the state to resist Yong Army, this is definitely an uphill battle. Lin Yuanting in Yanmenguan loyal, helpless, and one reason is that by convention, on behalf of the state militia of the counties of the villagers are mainly used to protect Xiang Zi, generally not involved in war, and secondly, Yong Jun to enter on behalf of the state also gave counties County a lot of pressure.
Lin Tong Fujiu return in Yamanashi after Li Lin Tong urged wanted to go knock Xinzhou audience Yong Tai. But he did not dare to commit outrage, and now the Man has retired, that Lin Yuanting killed across the state on behalf of the bad news, all have come to offer condolences to cry Ji, on behalf of the state in one place, looking ahead, snow everywhere are mourning apparel, which kinds of circumstances Li Lin Tong knock dare hastened. Anqing Princess learned that her husband and son died in the news, plus Yong Jun entry, so the terminal one, can already Fu Zhang Lin Yuanchong the line to their elders as chairman funeral, Lin Cheng and Lin Tong instrument, red Ji are in the wake, and everyone subconsciously audience with Emperor Yong things behind and is BROWNSHIRT, really do not want to face Li Zhi, who knows how to dispose of the Lin family will eventually do In this case, Lee knock only reluctantly returns to Yong Tai, waiting for the decree to act.
May 14, trudged, to the hall, BROWNSHIRT feel more and more tired, the funeral will be very complicated, as honorable mention Lin Yuanting, all courtesy is not overlooked, forest Siblings are not good at dealing with a variety of trivia, only BROWNSHIRT familiar Foreign, he can only son’s identity everywhere, but is Lin Tong Lin Cheng instrument and, in addition to mourning mourning kneeling Spirit came to offer condolences reception guests, there is no more to do. Just a sergeant came to report it, said to be stationed in Yamanashi outside Yong Jun suddenly had movement BROWNSHIRT smile, now Is there any way to deal with powerful Yong Army cavalry what, there is another way to say that, does he still and large-Yong enemies accomplished.
into the hall, I saw Lin Tong of Appearance gaunt stared at the front of the hall’s coffin and tablets, Lin Cheng instrument is kneeling on the wooden expressionless’s first, on behalf of the state church are under the military generals and still survive the Daijun officials, soldiers and civilians counties to offer condolences over almost all have worship, two days mourning is no longer so busy. These generals and officials in the following whispering, after all, is to face some things, but no one could bear to say about the matter and forest Siblings. BROWNSHIRT slightly Yi Tan, Lin Tong walked around, softly: “Tong child, you are too hard these days, to the back break it.” Lin Tong looked up, his eyes flashed a sad color, said: “Ji Lang, tomorrow I took the captains go Xinzhou audience, formally handed down tables, promised his father’s things, I will not go back, you do not worry I’ll be big Yong enemies, however, be able to hold on behalf of the state, are There Yong Jun credit. ”
BROWNSHIRT did not speak, just gently patted Lin Tong Xiangjian, he was able to say, even knowing that this girl made the remark when heartache, such as death, but only looked at looked at.
are mourning the crowd heard the words of Lin Tong, are dejected when the sergeant to report outside the door, saying that the guests come to offer condolences, Lin Tong frowned: “Not long ago there so what, who came to offer condolences directly into the inside of the can. “That sergeant said:” Qibing Princess, come on behalf of the state is not our people, under rather unusual to see them. “Lin Tong indifferent smile, said:” I’m afraid what we do now What scruples Mody, guests come on. “Sgt Wei-Wei swear, back down, no more mourning when a pedestrian comes straight.
behalf of the state people are going to use mesh look, let Ji has been for several days, all across the state on behalf of some prestige-almost all people have personally sent someone to come to worship or sacrifice on behalf of, how come this time there are people offering spiritual, Come eyes fell upon everyone to give birth to the hearts of all the unusual feeling. Come to a total of four, walking in front of a man wearing a Su Yi, about three 15 or 16 looks like, looks mighty grace, bearing magnificent, strode with Dragon Tiger walking posture, it is afraid to face, and accompanied by half a step behind him is a gray-haired man, temples Star Cream, but it is refined looks handsome, Su Yi Costumes, free and easy no group. The two side by side in the back row is a homely middle-aged man and a feminine boy looks handsome, are all dressed in Tsing Yi, from clothing and position of view, like the two servants, but it seems everyone in behalf of the state, and that middle-aged man walking point Tsing Yi dust is not scared, eyes SG faint, a pair of eyes on him, he seems to have been to see that a thorough internal organs in general, although it may seem juvenile Tsing not martial arts, but just look at him, he felt as if coldest days was generally covered with ice and snow poured a cold. Everyone looked at each other, do not know the origins of the four, then classroom came a gasp, and everyone looked, but it is both Lin Tong and BROWNSHIRT issued, BROWNSHIRT look full of shock and confusion, Lin Tong Yung also sounded scared.
Then, after that, led by middle-aged incense, facing souls line Yiyi, he did not worship rituals, but I do not know how, on behalf of the state and everyone took it for granted, Lin Cheng instrument, Lin Tong and BROWNSHIRT also worshiped salute, just BROWNSHIRT look still terrified, Lin Tong is slivery tears welled, and looked vibration.
Then the scholar Su Yi incense worship, salute when the BROWNSHIRT but it is a step back, afraid to show Shouli, Lin Tong looked BROWNSHIRT one, sighing loudly, but also took a step back, and both BROWNSHIRT salute. Behalf of the state almost everyone already knows BROWNSHIRT identity hearts are filled with an incredible idea, look to two guests came to offer condolences eyes became alarmed.
At this time, two Qingyi Ren also worship by case, Libi, the middle-aged man that led sigh and said: “I Lim Su Wen behalf of the state generation guarding the frontier, Yong Lie unparalleled, but unfortunately one step too late, you can not Seen Lin old general side, today parents to worship, but also diminished the hearts regret meaning, still less generals and Princess Please grief, I still need to rely heavily on the future generation of the Lin family guarding the state. “classroom uproar all the people, even the big Yong Li Zhi of the main pro to offer condolences, on behalf of the state now has fallen into Yong Jun grasp, human Daozu, I fish, can not think is so veneration Li Zhi Lin family, how can make everyone feel grateful. It was also eye fell upon the gray hair of youth, youth silver hair, tolerance Elegant, it’s also BROWNSHIRT, Lin Tong ceremony so heavy, in addition to Chu Hou Jiangzhe Township who will be. Since we know that Li Zhi and Jiang Zhe two identities, do not ask and I know the two Qingyi Ren must be accompanied by a master, and that looks feminine goodly boy, probably is world famous Shun evil shadow. Now that you have learned to come
identity, and everyone looked Lin Tong, Yong emperor in person, but now I’m Tong Lord behalf of the state, should be approached Koujian to show loyalty, the only way to be considered as a formal surrender big Yong, but Lin Tong young, everyone was worried about her knees refused Qingjiang, if angered Yong Tai, Lest Lin will cover the top of the disaster hit. Unexpectedly, Lin Tong looks very cool, Xihang stepped forward and said: “Your Majesty white condolence, Lim over the door are grateful father testament Chendeng surrender big Yong, Lin Tong Zuichen temporarily commanding the post today will be in the spirit of his father before the oath on behalf of the state army from allegiance, absolutely no different from the heart, just two brothers and sister still in Jinyang, they still do not know this, nor can barely siblings Zuichen act, yet Please Majesty indulgences. different identity and my mother, If His Majesty intends to increase crime, Lin Tong from your surrogacy bear. ”
they heard Lin Tong says that although it is true, but all uneasy, fearing the wrath of Emperor Yong, Li Zhi is a smile, said: “Jia Pinggong their owners are excellent as Aviva, on behalf of the state military who caught Jinyang, I own disposal Lin Qing do not worry. As for your mother, though, is the North Han Princess, however, not associated with the military affair, and is the widow of Lin Hou, how could I add unprovoked crime. “By this time, Lin Tong Fang feel so a loose, sincere Koushou said: “Your Majesty graciously, Chen Lin Tong rate behalf of the state soldiers, Koujian His Majesty the Emperor, live Long live.” Everyone is worship, line three thanks to nine call gift, a little while, news hall, only to hear soldiers are calling on behalf of the state outside of “Long live” sound earth-shattering, from near and far, the government initially denied only forest near army shouted, to the later, and the city are all voices, the sound straight into the sky, until now, remained in the Daijun Yong outside the embattled army generals who finally put down the hearts of stone. Thus, on behalf of the state has finally broken down by big Yong.
BROWNSHIRT speak much Japanese nerves finally let down, remembered the day the son came to bid farewell on behalf of the state of things, almost introspective, think that he was survived, on behalf of the state have not been Yong Lin Jun cleaning themselves Lin Tong smoothly and actually became husband and wife, so he had a feeling like in a dream. Zhe Jiang could not help but to look, a pair of gentle touches of deep calm eyes, red Ji Zhe Jiang discernible in the eyes of the slightest trace of warmth and appreciation intimate meaning, could not help tears rolling down.
May 20, on behalf of the state emissary into Jinyang, at which time Jinyang has been surrounded by the military siege Yong, LIN Bi news that his father died, Kubai on the ground, on behalf of the state military armed Gao Su, emperor Liu woo pro set mourning decreed, Yaoji souls. Subsequently, Lin Cheng Shan, Lin Chengyuan orders of the LIN Bi will make, the rate of generation of the state army out of the city surrender Yong Jun, the North Han someone Introduction To allowed behalf of the state army out of the city, so as not to upset the morale of the people, by the emperor hindered by, on behalf of the state army successfully out of the city, LIN Bi then resigned from the post of commanding troops on behalf of the state, to stay in Jinyang, with the desire Jinyang perish.
Yong Jun Siege does not attack, to June 15, Yongzheng emperor five emissary down into the city, said Xu to preserve

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Yong Emperor’s army stopped state and Jinyang behalf of the channel, on behalf of the state has become a lone, only to face alone Man Jun, although this time I can set a ploy to Man Jun main break, but fragmented Man Jun certain will be more rampant vicious, on behalf of the state is the main block in Jinyang, facing the past decade most violent intrusion once, on behalf of the state is already powerless, the only way is to surrender large Yong. Yong Tai but wise Lord, how important do not know behalf of the state, the reason is not scored behalf of the state, but Lin is nothing we ever do, and now I’m going to make you big brother Qingjiang, in turn consumed troops remaining in Yanmenguan battlefield, Yong Tai will no longer has any scruples, is bound to come to the rescue starry night, hundreds of thousands of people on behalf of the state against the Man can harm. ”
Lin Tong burst into tears, she understood that his father is to use instead of the Lin family’s sacrifice for the survival of the state, she was out of the waist sword, a draw in the left arm, blood Quan, blood and tears under cross-Ying, Lin Tong Su Rong said: “My daughter understand the meaning of his father, Lin can only sacrifice on behalf of the state, if the daughter of lucky survivors, also to Yong Tai Qingjiang, never let behalf of the state army and for my family’s private affairs Lin Yong cavalry and large enemies. ”
BROWNSHIRT hear here is the heartache, such as death, both father and daughter said he could not argue at all, when the son of the old left, son on behalf of the state hinted that win the Man, the Lin family could not escape the destruction of the outcome, so I hope Even though he was able to get out, and even that is taken away by Lin Tong also, to keep a person is still possible, it is not implicit meaning son, but at the moment he understood that his beloved woman really is excellent as Aviva, is categorically not Gouqietousheng . He thump knees, and said: “Duke, the younger generation has developed a taste for the Princess, I hope Duke will be betrothed to Princess BROWNSHIRT, BROWNSHIRT reluctantly and Princess live and die.”
Lin Yuanting eyes flashed a look of pleased, but shook his head and said: “my fair niece, you help me on behalf of the state in recent days Yanmen army guard, has committed a taboo expensive, now why should tread this dead end, Chu Xianghou St. dependents Masataka, fair niece your promising future, why should my daughter to give up everything. ”
BROWNSHIRT without a word, took his waist bamboo flute, playing up that flute resounding, Lin Yuanting although born of the door, but it is married to a talented woman said the princess had a wife, no stranger to the temperament, listening moment, Fu Zhang sings: “The general battle body were cracked. beam to the river, back to Miles, the enemy long break. Yasumizu rustling West Air, full house dressed like snow. positive warrior, Elegy is not thorough. Tiniao also known as Xu hate, material does not cry Tears long cry blood who were me, drunk moon “Yong Lie lyrics, so that was guarded by soldiers outdoors are also listening, hearts full of pride to die. Lin Yuanting sigh: “Imagine that you can understand Jagged Jin Ge, threw the pride of life and death, good, good, you really deserve Tong child.” Then, flute a change, but it is intense pathos in with no turning back Lin Tong heart shocked, lover indulge in playing tunes with the effort which, even I do not know when to stop the sound of music, only to hear BROWNSHIRT single word: “Sheque remaining years I still do not regret, seeking princess betrothed to the Duke I am. ”
Lin Yuanting look to Lin Tong, lightly: “Tong children think of it ”
Lin Tong eyes tears Yingying, looking flushed in with sad, knowing that soon went to the body insurance, Nine Lives, so how can she deny her lover willing to accompany her to die an affection. She looked to one side to go, said: “depends father disposes.”
Lin Yuanting Jianmei a Villa, said: “Well, since you two fall in love, you fulfill the Hou Wang Ji, my daughter married do not have what to choose auspicious, if thou be willing, in the city Yanmenguan head, in front of the hou , on behalf of the state army in front of thousands of warriors, you worship the heaven and earth, married to ”
BROWNSHIRT rejoicing, Koushou said: “Wang Ji Koujian Fockers, everything depends father disposes.”
Yanmenguan under siege failed a few days ago so that the hearts of all people are pretty raging anger, Nagin see Yanmenguan WANYAN defender forces within the increasingly weak, the set made up his mind to be successful, publicly drink blood, folding Arrow oath, the Man in the coalition gathered again off the city below. Gold and other ministries WANYAN satisfied pointing Yanmenguan chiefs to discuss how to attack it, just listen to the deafening sound of drums suddenly closed, are ahead in the congregation Man Jun looked and saw Yanmenguan above the main entrance, a red colored silk knot on Daoqiangjianji , armor and sharp division on behalf of soldiers on both sides of the state, all of them are happy, a team wearing clothing hi newcomer is a clear appearance of the old man on Jun worship marry. After three worship, shut cheers everywhere, all the pretty people hearken to go, but it is those who loudly call: “The Princess and the county Maye Bainianhaoge, white long marriage.”
WANYAN Nagin furious whip a finger, said: “These people dared to despise our troops, armed forces actually decorated thanks to the sounding of the earth, and immediately began the siege, the king let them become joyous funeral, Lin Yuanting just above these years many of our father’s brother died at the hands of this man, who can take his head, is my prairie first warrior, bounty one thousand two, beautiful one. ”
Then someone high channel: “King Khan, who does not know I’m home with a pair of sisters, as such, who killed Lin Yuanting, it will be rewarded him with the bride on the city.” WANYAN Nagin Everywhere you looked, but it is the Ministry of Chiefs Moore Dry White Wolf did cry, he smiled, high channel: “Biography of the king’s orders, who killed Lin Yuanting, Hongxia Princess is his concubine, but of you had better capture the Goddess Princess newlyweds got ah. “Another barbarian generals laughed:” newlyweds, I most like to grab someone else’s bride, Lin Yuanting, quickly washed his neck and so I Laikan it. ”
city on behalf of the state military listened to the following bad language, all of them face Shen Things, they are nothing but silence, stigma is to use in order to cleanse the blood, such as in a dream of the original with joy BROWNSHIRT livid, but just off the groom robes, revealing a distinctive Yijia, while Lin Tong coldly see the following one, prime hand a minute, then turned into a butterfly crushed red damask wedding dress to reveal a red soft- , two stood Lin Yuanting side of the trunk, like a golden couple, mislanding mundane.
Lin Yuanting sitting in a chair, his strength has been insufficient to support his long legs, and broke: “Wanyan Nagin, Come, your father is dead in Yanmenguan under uncle, see if you have This ability to attack up, but you dignified King Khan, surely not in the mood as before battle kills it.
strong sarcasm let WANYAN Nagin complexion changes several of the Man of the militancy-yong, remembering the past few days WANYAN Nagin always never personally into battle, can not help but secretly say words. This is extremely WANYAN Nagin’s a conceited person, ruthless channel: “Lin Yuanting, you wait, the king determined to personally take your head, captives back to your baby daughter into slavery.”
remark one, the city under an uproar, the city on behalf of the state under the military could not help shouting up WANYAN Nagin waved his hand and the sound of trumpets, the Man Jun began the research once the most violent of the war. Nagin, who make WANYAN Luckily, this time on behalf of the state military forces weakened a lot, presumably many days of hard work so that they consume too much sake, but they are still stubborn resistance, shot over a knife cut, the blade is blunt on with fists and teeth, and even some no effort sergeant altogether hold enemy attack on the city head to roll off some sergeant’s death is also firmly biting the throat of the enemy, obviously has Yanmenguan precarious, but that attack does not go up. This evening, Wanyan Nagin finally unable to bear the ministry deliberately preserved Grenoble Snow Wolf Army’s most elite troops sent out, Snow Wolf army but WANYAN Nagin handpicked training powerhouse, a one is thousands of miles to pick a prairie warriors, Grenoble department is relying Snow Wolf army only beat the pack, to support the King Khan on WANYAN Na Jindeng bit. Order, Snow Wolf army climbed down the ladder, everyone’s movements are fast as lightning, head of the garrison city has been exhausted, almost instant, on top of the city wall Yanmenguan Snow Wolf army had already been occupied, Wanyan satisfied Jintai Xi, it blew the horn attack, all the Man Jun swagger, only to be opened from the inside Snow Wolf army closed, it is necessary YiYongErRu Yanmenguan bloodbath, and then embark on fertile Central Plains, the killing and looting.
Snow Wolf army rushed head of the city has to recharge your batteries for several days, the city is on how the military weakness of their opponents, almost a fraction of the effort that they have to break through a heavy line of defense, directing operations toward the sitting height The Lin Yuanting sprang Qinzei first loyalist, but WANYAN beheaded Lin Yuanting Nagin’s life, they naturally want to compete for this credit.
Lin Yuanting face pale hint of blush, waved his hand hidden in the dark a day’s ambush rushed out and cut off the retreat of snow wolf army, is headed by Lin Yuanchong, this ambush but the entire Yanmenguan composed of the most elite warriors, regardless of the day off on how hard work, they are not only helping hand hidden in the shadows, seeing this colleague loved ones died, so they had to give birth to swear to avenge the heart, in the moment they are out of , already sergeant will be prepared black powder ignited violent tremor and roar after Yanmenguan has sealed all the way up and down traffic, which is the death of Lin Yuanting prepare Bureau, Ministry relied on deterrence to Grenoble force ministries eradication, so the Man will once again be divided. At the same time, Yanmenguan gates slowly opened, revealing the soft underbelly of undefended.
facing the front of the feast, the Man Ministries chiefs rejoicing, people say that Snow Wolf Army has successfully captured the close, even WANYAN Nagin also ignored the city’s head abnormalities, took the lead into the Yanmenguan the city the door has been Man Jun pushed bloody desperate desperate behalf of the state without looking an army, went brandished a knife and tried to kill the city wall, but a clogged Dengdao see rubble, Wanyan Nagin a cold heart, but also mood to think about why the Army on behalf of the state and shut down the city wall isolated, loudly shouted: “back, back.” But his voice was drowned in the Man Jun excited high voice, the Wanyan Nagin no longer as arm so that the dazzled by victory commanding army behind the army threatened to be nearly wrapped pediment few Baizhang, desperation WANYAN Nagin saw a cavalry ready to go, red horse standing in front of it Ji and Lin Tong, accompanied by rain is a disease generally arrows, Man Jun behalf of the state and the army at war many times, each time in a generation of the state if the army trap, they often suffered heavy losses, not to mention now presided Yanmenguan Military Affairs is the most feared Lin Yuanting their hearts, not by some confusion in front of the Man Jun desperately to retreat, they want to return to take advantage of the plains, while the back of the Man Jun yet know the changes ahead and still rush forward.
in Man Jun chaos when, in the Guards back under the protection of the ear came WANYAN Nagin crossbow voice, his body bent over subconsciously want to avoid the ensuing bolt, but confusion Suddenly on the battlefield of a string of high-pitched whistle, he suddenly heard horses under the seat Yangti standing WANYAN Nagin promote off guard, exposed bolt stature within the scope of the attack, severe pain hit, he was listening to to bolt through his armor voice, ears heard screams Ministry cronies, close Crossbow save shot, but Braun hair Hades posts. I just feel memories in my mind one after another, not willing to WANYAN Nagin high roared: “heaven eyes!” And then it just boarded the very throne of the most respected, full of ambition, as one can reproduce the old wing sweat Ting Wang King Khan glorious youth, so drop dust.
lost their leader, had panic pretty people but was angered, they began to naturally composed of small groups of cavalry to the generation of the state army began to counterattack, no forced cooperation, pretty people actually easier to play their combat power, Yanmenguan outside only to hear the killing everywhere, whether it is on behalf of the state is still pretty people who are desperate to forget everything to fight. I do not know when to bow long lost, like the hands of guns BROWNSHIRT dragon, Lin Tong tightly cover your flank, putting fortunate moment he learned the former immediately followed Shun fight marksmanship, in recent years has been to some effort. Lin Tong but the generals who comes, if on top of marksmanship more in BROWNSHIRT, Yinqiang snow, shadow like a pear, flesh and blood splatter even more a couple of people in Britain Wu Ruyu.
behalf of the state military forces just too weak, although they desperately hard work, in exchange for the life of the Man several times, but more and more into the customs Man Jun, on behalf of the state, but there is no military reinforcements, war increasingly favored Man Jun . See this situation, Lin Tong reluctantly issued a withdrawal order, this is Lin Yuanting meaning to this time, the remnants of the military on behalf of the state can only become the enemy cavalry under the innocent people, since it has been achieved objective of the operation, rather than let them died here, it is better for the generation of the state military leave more seeds.
heard the clarion call to retreat, on behalf of all state military Warriors almost get away with tears, they are unable to take into account the head of the city blocked fighting, or even not take care of their young guide, BROWNSHIRT and Lin Tong Lin’s death with who bring up the rear, they used their blood and lives to ensure the generation of the state military road warriors retreat unimpeded, Amazons, and if their retreat timely, or Princess and Gunma Shang Yousheng also may be right, every generation of the state officers and men are struggling to flee, many seriously injured colleague of the soldiers do not want to drag himself altogether brandished a knife, and some horses were injured or can not flee the soldiers riding is fractured along with Lin Tong, Hong Zhu barely a time, on behalf of the state military remnants had to break away, only Lin Tong, BROWNSHIRT with hundreds of people still can not leave, they intentionally This is not a death, although this idea has long been buried in the heart, but they are reluctant to make so many generations State Warriors buried with the dead, but pretty people have surrounded them completely, no possibility of a breakthrough.
Lin Tong mind without the slightest regret and despair, as the forest home of the person, that is, women also have the consciousness of his life in battle, her heart is in Yamanashi only worried mother, the mother will not know how to plan, take shelter Yong Jun on the soft on the outside of the North Han princess, perhaps unacceptable decision. BROWNSHIRT ears heard heavy breathing, Lin Tong looked to one side looked and saw that the boy had handsome free and easy, and now is covered with bloody, the body is bruised, hearts filled with gratitude and sweet unbearable, Albatron this abandoned road, chose to end their lives and their own boy, already own husband, although only a short day, but Lin Tong felt as if they have been married and for years, no one another. As if the heart have BROWNSHIRT also turned to Lin Tong Wang come, standing face to face, are affectionate unlimited. Then they almost simultaneously out of the gun, headed toward lovers will stab enemies. Around Man Jun Olga, like choppy waves, and shortly it can be Zhezhi remaining behalf of the state army drowned. But they are like they are nothing but no, at this moment, Lin Tong horses finally slumped down, his body a few arrows, multiple trauma, which horses can support up to now has been hard won, BROWNSHIRT quickly reach a Lalin Tong, Lin Tong occasion to fly, light as a swallow to fall BROWNSHIRT front, smile. BROWNSHIRT Lin Tong left hand firmly holding his left hand, Lanzhu her waist, but also to smile, they totally did not intend to seize ownerless horses, but also how to live for a moment, not as life and death all together.
BROWNSHIRT just felt like at the moment is not the same as from the ethereal moods, and loved one on the battlefield, embracing, even getting near the Man ferocious countenance not allow his mind to give birth to a ripple, clenched Yinqiang, he waited the last moment to come. Trance, he suddenly felt the earth came the violent shaking that only highly trained cavalry full gallop to produce vibrations, does what I’m confused, BROWNSHIRT smile, but he soon saw the side of the Lin family death disabilities and the outside onslaught of Man Jun eyes are also showing a similar confusion, those very people even slowing the attack. He also did not react, ears rang a familiar sound of the horn and louder roar BROWNSHIRT shed tears, choking back tears, he could not even open to answer questions eyeful Lin Tong, just hold Lin Tong the waist, as if one let go, they will lose the love of his heart.

maneuvers fifth chapter forty Looking LinQuan
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May 20, on behalf of the state messengers into Jinyang, Jia Pinggong main news is good news, wept blood, Yanyue: Order of parent training, in lieu of non-state affair Lin to Lin ear thing on behalf of the state, Nailing two brother rate

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However, once life and death, but between the two, but there is no trace of hostility, but give birth to the idea sympathetic, since although off mountain barrier, but it is the moment have not forgotten the day white bloodstained peerless beauty. Since Wen Hui Yao Vatican after his death hunting palace, Beijing Promise we will do everything possible back and forth eleven detectors, although some things no one knows, no rumor, but one has to know all likelihood contours. Fengyi main door forced death is just this single-handedly, for the youth, but strange, but totally did not give birth to Beijing Promise hatred of the heart, because this young man really has to be able to use all the power of play to the extreme, he just saved One day these young people beat on the wisdom of the heart, is to send the autumn jade fly Peak paragraph two assassination attempts, which also carry out both wits, not is depends tyrannical irresistible force, but after all, have lost. Dongchuan defeat of the news had spread, the situation in the North Han is almost irreversible, although Jinyang still a strength to fight, it was their last legs, this failure is not something someone else, it was his own Beijing Promise, layouts world become empty words, and even his beloved disciples Zhe Jiang defeat at the hands of all of them, although this time the power of magic were not hurt, but it is anything, how can we let him be tempted, like the pleasure of seeing firsthand the countless hero top of juggling too frail scholar.
known as turned out to meet today saw just think this young man really deserved reputation, obviously in front of his face, this young man suddenly respectful, sometimes indulgent, all the changes that he can not fathom the feeling of birth, but has chosen to have a natural the taste, the impression that he is really sincere, and without the slightest Juyi guard. As for the drink Lijiu, inspiring, suddenly awoke, only to find themselves desperate, autumn day Yu Fei Jing Promise monastery situation at the moment in order to understand all of the beloved disciple cast a sympathetic glance, Beijing Promise: “The Today Nilv meet, already rare, Chu Xianghou demons were everywhere on my left sensibilities, would certainly have something to say and the seat, is not it ”
I faint: “The sovereign Now Here, Tetsuya not hide, if Zhe demons were malicious, the day would never let go of the sovereign’s first disciple, paragraph Peak segment eldest son, the day we are still hostile, and the outcome assertion yet to know, so Tetsuya did not say anything, today’s parents to the sovereign, just to talk about the matter, in fact, the sovereign does not say, until the date of Jinyang encirclement, philosophy should come on behalf of Yu Fei Xiandi introductions. ”
Beijing Promise coldly: “You are wanted to capitulate, is not it ”
me a little sun, and said: “What a sovereign people, how can Qingjiang knees, which can no longer put off the word capitulate, philosophy but on behalf of the emperor to make a suggestion, Jinyang once encirclement that when the fall of the North Han, the former Central Plains a sovereign defeat, then fled to the North, the North Han emperor just hope after death, do not go to South Chu sovereign. ”
Beijing Promise thoughtfully authentic: “the meaning of Emperor Yong, a Beijing understand that the world has now dominate the opportunity, if one went to Beijing South Chu, speaking for the Emperor Yong although eventually the solution, but it is inevitably too much trouble the. ”
I laughed and said: “In fact, this condition is not worth mentioning, the sovereign is what kind of people, the North Han said the main country is still wise, plus respect for the sovereign, this win sovereign favor, South Chu folk weak, weak minister monarch dark, how With habitat was Phoenix, as long as the sovereign promised big Yong thousands of miles and rivers, come and let the sovereign, and the devil were disciples once disarmament, demobilization and Hermitage, will not be treated as the remnants of the North Han, although White Road sovereign human or would not forgive , but the magic number of disciples, all of them heroes, how can do something about Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ. world is unified, sovereign also worked as a day over a leisurely relaxed. ”
Beijing Promise eyes flashed sharp, said: “Conditions are very generous touches, but you also said, the main country to be my magic number not thin, a Beijing Fucai, how can he abandon the country at this time owners and countless soldiers and today a see, but wanted to see what Mr. Jiang’s style fills, just as things are talking about, but the seat had expected you have something to say, and therefore make you spell it because today one another for a future life and death meet The seat does not think Yong army siege when, you have to use your soulmate Yu Fei feelings, do you really think that the seat will be greed afraid of dying it ”
Promise I had anticipated would say to Beijing, Su Rong said: “This remark is really Jiangmou heart and soul, and the emperor repeatedly Chuanshu Jiangmou closeted, have mentioned the magic number of things, the emperor saying, sovereign and Fengyi main gate are a great master, Fengyi disciples only know harem trouble moving in and not at all like the magic number of disciples bloody battle, in exchange for glory and fame, although the day sovereign defeat, but today it is much better than the sovereign Lord Fengyi door. Magic disciples were not abandon colleague, this is the emperor already expected, though, so there is still recommended, because the emperor really is magic disciples were favoring Today’s words, just please sovereign in mind, today one another , how to fight on how to fight, there will be no resentment emperor of the heart, whether to when, this proposal will not fail. ”
Beijing Promise heard here, not by moving themselves suddenly give birth to thought and the Zhe Jiang saw the idea, and so obstruct the way meet, and now I do not know is lucky or regret, he heard that favor both Emperor Yong could not help but be tempted, not to mention the magic number of disciples do, once they have leeway, if they would be desperate bloody, or such differences will change the fate of the North Han, but in any case, Beijing also has a trace of grateful hearts Promise, demons were not Because offended possible domination Yong Ting and completely die out, this is the best news he had heard.
thought of this, Beijing infinitely slowly closed eyes, said: “Time is late, Mr. Jiang should hit the road, jade fly off when playing one of the Duke.”
fly Autumn Jade whispered kicked, went tent corner, will be that “welcome home” Aegean into her lap, fingers light moving, clear and the piano sounded, mood Qingyuan high wide, various Parting, into outer smoke.
Yi Yi I got up to the ground, today’s meet, have reached my goal, this time also when this is goodbye, out of the tent, put on silk shoes, this time I can not go back, Xiao Shunzi helped me very quickly returned to the carriage, call life extension order, five thousand cavalry rapidly northward, no stay thinking.
straight out of the thirty, I suddenly thought, just how did Promise Weisha did not give birth to the idea of ​​Beijing, although if I do, it is inevitable losses, is to take into their own lives is also possible, but I was not After careful consideration and give up that little chance of winning, but simply do not give birth to a trace of malice beholder, mind suddenly, when the world really is the magic number of the male, the mere manners conversation looming pomp has made me Xinzhe, such a figure, did Fengyi main door can be compared, if they wanted a war today, victory was inevitable that demons were sovereign right. Xiao Shunzi could not see whether he will be affected by the repression, so that would not have hurt his repair it Surprisingly, I glance, Xiao Shunzi specter faint surface, with a deep silence, without a word of awareness, it seems that he not only did not suffer any repair damage, as well as some progress in my mind a wide, see to the road on both sides of the green millet wheat, exposing contented smile.

fifth maneuvers fortieth chapter Yanmen Bounty
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eyeful blood-red earth, sky, earth and warrior armor and are scarlet color, the general tide of despair hit, ferocious enemy seemed at hand, no matter how their struggle, they can not get rid of buildings The swords and arrows like rainstorm general. At his most helpless, gray overcast sky suddenly appeared a ray of sunshine through the layers of Clouds, bringing warm hope, and then in that sea of ​​blood which, there has been admired that he was familiar with cyan figure . “Son!” BROWNSHIRT shouted. Then he was violently pushed woke up.
opened his eyes, not surprised to see Lin Tong pretty face was full of anger, Lin Tong angrily: “You can put your masters behind and before, this is the fourteenth in a dream you shouted his name. Yanmen not forget you, not in your master side, even if it is your master again generous attempts, now do not they busted their ass what any of you here have the energy, or the right to think about how to deal with the Man . ”
looked at Lin Tong light anger Bonu look, BROWNSHIRT just feel a sweet heart, he was able to hear the words of Lin Tong slightly acid meaning that those around the state through the generation of military warriors, look two eyes also full of laughter, for five consecutive days and five nights, the Man is almost kept interest offensive, the two fought at first, I do not know how many times rescued from the hands of the enemy to each other, to the later, BROWNSHIRT showed quite amazing military prowess So he and Lin Tong began to take turns commanding the army against the enemy, three days after that, they will only wake up when the other side say a few words, but they did not feel lonely, as if the other party in their own side in general. In this life and death when involuntary land, they have deliberately forgotten barrier between the heavy, in addition to always jealous BROWNSHIRT Lin Tong Zhe Jiang extreme worship outside.
BROWNSHIRT sat up, hearken to go, and no battle cry, presumably no siege Man Jun, Lin Tong’s outstretched arm Lanzhu waist, gently force, Lin Tong promote off guard, he pulled into the arms, North folk forthright, around the sergeant does not think disobedient, but are playing loud whistle, Lin Tong flushed, a state hit BROWNSHIRT chest, BROWNSHIRT soon Tonghu, Lintong Li remembered the day before when the red Ji chest by the arrow wound, reigning the hearts of a soft, BROWNSHIRT take the opportunity to Lin Tong tightly in her arms. Lin Tong Ying Ning cry, engrossed in the atmosphere that is full of man’s chest, embarrassed unspeakable, not like you can command a mighty force mix female generals, BROWNSHIRT hearts Yi Chan, make fun of the original meaning into a cavity tenderness.
At this time, Lin Yuanchong came from a distance, the high channel: “Princess, King Brothers, Duke ask you in the past.” BROWNSHIRT and are frantically jumped Lin Tong Lin Tong almost no the face side of the elders and fellow soldiers courage, head bowed trot, soon disappeared. BROWNSHIRT is some hesitation uneasy, on behalf of the state Hou Lin Yuanting what figures, guarding behalf of the state for many years, so that people can not quite southern Next, although now old and sick, but the old TRIUMPH Tiger in, not to mention that he is the father of Lin Tong, red Ji heart uneasy, looking at Lin Yuanchong is the courage to step forward.
Lin Yuanchong laughed: “Oh, how brave and skilled warriors in battle so shy it, rest assured that I Zuxiong open-minded enough, you will not care about child molestation Tong things.”
BROWNSHIRT looked outside the plight of blood everywhere, muttered authentic: “This, Princess now see Lin Duke, in case people are now pretty offensive, I still stay here.” In this case, a strong giant palm beat heavily on his shoulders, a trace of old supple voice said: “Boy, go in peace, my old bones in there, keep on twelve hour is no problem.” BROWNSHIRT grimacing , did not look back but also come to know the state of Qi is the old generation of generals, who would and who spent his whole life up and down, covered with scars of old generals argue, but really what you want to see Lin Yuanting, BROWNSHIRT hearts hesitate difficult decisions .
Lin Yuanchong eyes flashed Hanmang coldly: “how, you do not want to see Duke, Princess Could you just flirtation it ”
BROWNSHIRT hit a shiver, and whispered: “How can that Duke agreed, I admonish against the son, although the son of mercy, let me come on behalf of the state, but if the future son called me back vindictive, I can not resist and Man Jun as large, Yanmen critical condition, is back Man Jun, facing Yong Jun and how to do it ”
His voice was low, but Qi Lin Yuanchong old generals and could hear clearly, both eyes are flashed confusion of color, is this not two hearts almost afraid to think about pain. Lin Yuanchong looked BROWNSHIRT, I think the owner is to make this young generation of the state erosion situation so one culprit, hearts filled with anger meaning, but look at the days of hard work, gaunt teenager, but it is also a verbal abuse unable to speak, on behalf of State Warriors, this is Enyuanfenming bidding. Sigh loudly, Lin Yuanchong said: “Come on, Duke waiting for you, rare today he came.”
Yanmenguan inside a quiet room, as if cut off from the bloody battlefield, interior overflowing strong decoction smell, no trace of luxury rooms and ordinary civilians on behalf of the state is no different room, large Muta, and an old man sat up being served under Lin Tong slowly sipping a bowl of bitter decoction, though haggard, and his head hair cream, but you can still see the outline of the old elegance, showing that this year will be a handsome old man’s valiant handsome. Jin Dao Fangzhong, BROWNSHIRT but calm down and tried to grovel: “The younger Wang Ji, Meet the Duke.”
That old man eyes flashed fierce light, carefully looked BROWNSHIRT a moment, and said: “You are clearly Xianghou attendants, horses geniuses Wang Ji, the name is true or false ”
BROWNSHIRT just felt that the old man look like a sword in general, through his own heart, this man can not help lamenting wonder guarding behalf of the state for many years, it really is a famous bearing, he respectfully authentic: “The younger generation is an orphan, except that Wang himself outside, and no name, the former junior shelter my son with me, thanks to the BROWNSHIRT this name was later named for his younger Wang Ji would not be a pseudonym. ”
Lin Yuanting faint smile, said: “Tong child, your brother’s coffin has been shipped back up ”
Lin Tong eyes were red, and said: “Yes, until the Man Jun back, but also his father presided, the brother of souls into the shrine.”
Lin Tong Lin Yuanting lovingly patted the shoulder of BROWNSHIRT said: “my fair niece laughed, Tong child this child too soft, sad fact, what, more than a century, on behalf of the state of the Lin family died in battle countless My five brothers of this generation, I was the only one who survived, his brothers are dead on the battlefield, no one hospice, and is now their turn to this generation, alas, Cheng Wani has gone, and Cheng Bi children Hill, Cheng Yuan have been jamming in Jinyang, once Yong military encirclement, but also narrow escape, Cheng instrument grumpy, Tong children younger shallow knowledge, this is the Lin family vanished is nothing surprising, I’m home with the rules, only killed in battle tribe’s ancestral tablets are eligible to enjoy the descendants into worship, a hundred years, but also can not go in a few people, a few years would have thought the old lady frontier calm, supposedly to his home deathbed, there is no chance to enter the shrine, and think today they have the chance, Tong child, parent decided to venture once the main Pindiao Man Jun, although this one will probably come Yanmen defenders annihilated, but who is also very badly hurt, there is another way to drive them out on behalf of the state . ”
Lin Tong “wow” out loud cry of pain, tears flutter in his father’s arms, Lin Yuanting which is confessed funeral, her heart are truly understand BROWNSHIRT want to reach out and came to comfort him, but was avoided Lin Tong , BROWNSHIRT hearts of a pain, broke and said: “Duke, Princess, if there be any heavy responsibility to BROWNSHIRT please do.” his heart is only a concept, is dead in the forest Tong before Lin Yuanting clear understanding of mind, look BROWNSHIRT a little more recognition in the eyes and said: “my fair niece and Tong children are talented character match, but unfortunately Tong children Surely, as the descendants of the Lin family, there is no escape abandon behalf of the state army and the grounds Tong child, you What can Yuanguai father ”
Lin Tong wiped away tears, said: “Daddy yore, if killed in battle, his daughter may also enter the shrine, What a glorious, how can Yuanguai daughter Father, Daddy commanded, what can we do ”
Lin Yuanting pleased smile, said: “Well, I really do not afraid to die Lin generation, but you also can not easily give up life, after this war or be able to stay too lives, ye shall not lightly sacrifice Tong child, I had yesterday Order your brother brought down the table to see Yong Emperor. ”
Lin Tong was shocked, and said: “Father what you say, Qingjiang, which is why you will be mother and sister, as well as San Mahone placed where ”
Lin Tong Lin Yuanting raising his hand standing in the way to speak, lightly: “Lin was born in order behalf of the state, not on behalf of the state exists for the Lin family, I have thought very clearly,

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. ”
Chen Zhen listening to big business which gradually sounded loud voice, said: “Royal Highness why argumentative, after today, you and I no longer meet the period, princes but heaven flesh, is alive or dead villain can not disposes of, if the princes still keep their lives, the villain would not say much trouble. ”
Lee Kang sad and said: “Why should you so cautious, nothing you would not say that I will eventually know, Li Zhi always let me die into that, but you want to have the king of men what to do, whether to clearly.”
Chen Zhen laughed: “idle is idle, since the princes want to know the villain will blab some princes guard off-balance in the diet because I have a secret medicine was, I had just arrive potential side time, it is the time of onset of their potency, without the antidote, they are absolutely not wake up, so it can not protect the princes. sinking, but with the head of the turning of the surgery, the true nature overcast generals still Chencang embattled go just Huo Yi summoned the army generals, then Secretary Jaap Reflection for adults will be hands-on, the princes confidants generals clean sweep, as army soldiers, this is a big Yong children, just to appease, you can let them obeyed the way, Secretary Liu Ming-jian adults in scattered off hands, and offer related lieutenant who collaborated with scattered off hand, the public will see will be the Secretary of the potential thunder cleared Dongchuan rebellious, just ten days time, you can put down Dongchuan. ”
Lee Kang speak, heart pain, mouth a sweet, a blood has been ejected, he was ruthless channel: “You turned out to be Li Zhi Fairview Union lackeys, well, well, think of seeking Figure nominally Zionist alliance turned out to be beautiful Big Yong’s lackey, Huo Ji City presumably Li Zhi’s cronies, otherwise how could the Fairview League foes ruined, I understand, the old Huo Ji city is necessarily affected by the Li Zhi instigation, it deliberately and Ang Lee collusion, kill the Prince lives, Li Zhi Haohen means Haohen hearted, good one Huo Ji town, but unfortunately he is not such a credit notice the world, do not afraid Tusigoupeng Huo Ji Town, cast aside the bow once the birds are gone, I am afraid that in the future people of the world will be a joke surnamed Huo, said he short-sighted. ”
Chen Zhen look the same, smiled and said: “Your Highness misplaced, an emperor irrelevant to the matter, and, secondly, City Hall has long been dead a century, has no need Tusigoupeng, as to leave behind ugly name, and no See who is Huo Yan Ji City, and Chen have anything coherent. ”
Lee Kang misunderstood the meaning of Chen Zhen, snapped: “So you are guilty of rebellion of the people, Hast thou killed Huo Ji town, secretly defected to the big Yong you ”
Chen Zhen bother him say, lightly: “Or is not it, Your Highness is still much to think for themselves, do not know how it will deal with the emperor’s brother you this insult to injury, there are things on the princes, or do not know, North Han lost things but rumors, His Royal Highness the King of Qi Han Ji’s main north to surround and annihilate the dragon fly meteorite body Qinshui court, and now the North Han is already twilight, just waiting for the emperor expedition Jinyang, you can become a military exploits. ”
heard here, Lee Kang just felt a black eyes, turned out to be angry fainted, he always conceited, just Quju Dong Chuan Road, Fu Huang eccentric but because, if they have the opportunity to become crown prince, must beat Li An, Li Zhi, think of the people hit by these wilderness between juggling, and sometimes shortness of hearts and minds, even unconscious.
Chen Zhen cold smile, then walked off to someone, laughing: “Chen Xiong really powerful, tongue front knives, mind deep, if Chen Xiong intentional, Reflection for Division had vacancies in the next empty seats to be.” come in person but it is Jaap Yuan Feng, his robe sash out of danger, but sober clothes on several dyed bright red blood, so he took Junya faint on the face of the beholder. Chen Zhen glanced at him and said: “Jaap adults must have control of the overall situation of the army, if nothing, will retire the next.”
Jaap Yuan Feng Yi Yi came up and said: “Chen Xiong, although the wealth as a cloud, but a real man can not be a moment right, you really put it down Yihubainuo the power of what is now Fairview Union has become a thing of the past, Chen brother in the future is just beside a river Duke attendants, cold yo, what fun, if not fight in Royal, won a seal wife Yam son, but also live our lives. ”
Chen Zhen looked indifferent, speechless, since Jiang Zhe will give him the secret camp schedule, he delivered only loyal to the man, if the wing drawing wealth to the man’s prominent status, you can easily give himself a bright future, but Chen Zhen old already tired Manshangqixia the secret spy career, and in the hands of Jiang Zhe, just to complete the tasks assigned Zhe Jiang, during which they can be arbitrarily and for, he asked not there is a better master, so to speak for Jaap Yuan Feng, he was not interested in the slightest.
see him so, Jaap Yuan Feng helpless smile, said: “The next thing to take over its own in the next, Chen Xiong are free, and if there is anything accountable, it may now bluntly.”
Chen Zhen looked Jaap Yuan Feng one, he knew that this heart machine deep, showing what if their care, I’m afraid the future is difficult to get out, so the mood to say, just indifference: “The adults can make yourself, son tomorrow morning under Dongchuan is about to leave. “When he finished he stormed out, never see Jaap Yuan Feng a, for Jaap Yuan Feng Zhe Jiang stress is concerned, he is still brooding.
second day morning, Chen Zhen, Dong missing, BAI Yi (Huo Yi), the mountain sub (Hossam) Chencang four horse standing outside, looking at the Yong Qing Wang Dongchuan Army army purge, Huo Yi surface looked a little uneasy on the mountain child seeing a smile and asked: “white justice, how, and what does not bear Fairview Union ”
BAI Yi said: “How could not bear it, but I worry about a thing, Hualiu word came, and he did so with Ms. Song Ye Tianxiu fled, ultimately this is a recipe for disaster.”
mountains son said: “But is a weak woman and a swordsman, world, Wang soil, where they can escape to go up you let Hualiu deploy more hands and bring them to justice does not become, it touches Fairview Union there, I fear there will be remnants of slipping through the net. ”
Dong lack of light: “What are they afraid that with you about the secret lists and rudder authority figure, Jaap Yuan Feng enough to catch an important figure in Fairview Union, is to have a few lucky people to escape, does he still find our trace it Oh, Jianfei how to run things ”
Chen Zhen said: “Jianfei things very well, and bears Shangguan Yan Gu Ying storm has rescued, Gu one has hidden into the mountains, Jianfei enough to take control of their movements, but wait for them to settle down, it will Jianfei leave, after all, Jaap Yuan Feng is not a vegetarian, if he found through Jianfei Gu a, our plan in vain. ”
people laugh, are felt contented, coincidentally rode away, but their direction Chang’an, where they will await the arrival of Zhe Jiang.
Longsheng first year in late April, the cover of the city, Qing Wang rebels suddenly vanished, this time from the Qing Wang Shu vowed to restore, in just ten days, Qing Wang know what, both rebel generals captured and killed, Nanzheng city, Sichuan State leftover foes copy cut, bloody, Shu Zionist forces Fairview Union also been drowned. All these changes make a big chair being to Yong Ming-jian Division Megatron world, hand counterinsurgency Jaap Yuan Feng has become a target of public criticism. This will be a Zionist plotters farce ended so hastily. Yet so slightly relieved Shu lingering fear is that the new Shu Wang Mengxu also disappeared without a trace. Among all the chaos in this naturally no one noticed, Qing Wang a concubine Ms. Song abscond without a trace, but also the disappearance of her henchmen Chikae Yetian Xiu Qing Wang does have one hundred two gold reward.
naturally, no one will notice, in the same time within a large harem Yong also experienced a secret cleaning, not to mention a few concubines chamberlain was executed such a trivial matter that Taiwan Pavilion Huang Chao Ai charge because the parent group was involved in the rebellion sideline such a thing, it was Fengguowuhen gone on unmanned coupled with care.

fifth maneuvers faithful see Chapter 36 suspect (on)
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Emori twenty-four years, the North Han defeated Qin state, Jia Pinggong master retreat Jinyang, Yong army threatened to massacre phase, northward to avoid the scourge of war are civilians, dust cover, roads difficult, both young and old wail, Invincible is from please Army for the post. Yong Jun Jianpo very anxious, then the resistance is invincible, the end result of exhaustive trapped as Yong Jun, Yong invincible to the captives declared pine quality, flank Yong Shuai rescue, party survived. However, before the arrival of Jinyang
invincible, road noise, Jie Yan their allegiance enemy, North Ayanushi not observed, even ordered Prince in, when numerous rumors, invincible irrefutable, the only Jia Pinggong Lord know injustice, making it flee to avoid.
- “History of the North Han Duan Chuan invincible
ten miles east of the city of Pingyao, Deserted lonely, uninhabited, a team of Yong army scout like a whirlwind along the road north, away from the village there are a few miles away, a dozen Yong army rode appearances, into the village in a circle, Back to the team, led by officers to intrinsic reports: “the village is no longer inhabited, houses intact, can be used for camping place.”
The officer nodded and said: “You shall not careful careless, North Han Zeizi attack in recent days repeatedly harassed, our military has been quite tired, and you will be with me carefully searched the village again, and must not leave any problems, although the Army will be closed from the anti- , but if they found what went wrong, I’m afraid we can not afford to eat the sin. ”
those Yong Jun crashing swear, in addition to more than ten people are still outside the village by knife guard, the rest are in the village raid, did not miss anything suspicious, led by the first officer is neatly picked out a few more houses , inside view again, and then personally took, waiting for the arrival of the army.
over a half hour, sunset dragon flag fluttering in the breeze, Yong army troops arrived Deserted, then army camped outside the village began, and the King of Qi Xian Yong Army coach is a break into the village, the guards will already cleaned houses clean, though but a temporary residence, but the bed is put on Xian march Fairview used bedding, appliances, utensils are all carried by the military, and even the windows are covered with brocade mantle, original primitive naive rural residence, but a moment it becomes a comfortable gorgeous line shop.
Xian Zhao captains meal together after they negotiate around Yindeng military aircraft, hidden in the corner hundred no solitude is evil shadow Shun, he looked gloomy, seems very unhappy, because the King of Qi had to stay in camp in doing so they are charging Xian escort, if not so, I’m afraid he would have to find a secluded meditation practice where to go.
Xian some angry authentic: “This paragraph invincible, Barbara is a smoke does not enter, the king of the onslaught, he would choose risk and to defend the king a little slack, he would come Touying hit village, or else to come and take away the king The baggage, these days, the king but by his bitter harassment, Pingyao tomorrow army can attack, but here are several of the fortified city in North Han Duan invincible according to the city to defend, I’m afraid of the king is also the number of delay day, you can have a plan, so he may as well abandon the city, Well, just wait for the king to the Jinyang city, I see what tricks he can dig out now destroy the North Han Sun generals four scattered around the army revolt, rapid progress , if the king was his ability to attack Jinyang help solve the problem, you can really be very embarrassing. ”
King of Qi love will XIA Ning gearing up authentic: “Your Highness, paragraph invincible though tough, but as long as he is willing, and we are facing the enemy, even afraid of him, sir, please let weekend siege, without three days, a certain can be broken city. ”
Fan Wencheng laugh and said: “If my best siege, what you also need it, those of us who can not command, Your Highness is to reduce these losses, after all this time we Zezhou loss of non-military light.”
captains have ideas, but Xian Yue Ting frowned more closely, paragraph Invincible fortified city of Pingyao, backed in the hands of another ten thousand troops, like storm inevitable losses, although he knows the weaknesses segment invincible but loving, if Wrapped people threatened siege, or use other means to force the segment invincible had to abandon Pingyao is possible, after all, the purpose of paragraph invincible army but a delay Yong trip. But do not say now by the Department North Han people had spared almost gone anyway, is the ability to catch enough civilians, he would not perish in the upcoming occasion of the North Han deepen and hatred between the North Han civilians, although by the Jing late bloodthirsty reputation wantonly forcing people to flee along the way, but really do not want to Xian Walled off the massacre, he Linning not cruel by nature, if not necessary, do not want to implicate innocent civilians.
Shun shadow standing in the room which can not help but gently curled his lip, if not the son had been to command, for Xuan Songsheng to see people die to see the corpse, he is now long gone Qinyuan serve son, why Lai do not go here, was also the King of Qi as peons, who let loose still Duan Xuan invincible hands, then he laid hold of the opportunity to save lives, only to stay in Xian camera around to save it. See the discussion more lively crowd, began figuring out what dishonest, Shun silently wafting room, like a breath of cold air. Outside air is very fresh, Shun feel comfortable many, could not help in the dim starlight winking lights and stroll up the mind immersed in the earth, Lishun Jing Jing to taste the endless night. Suddenly, Shun felt a rush of palpitations, if he feel to the distance, across the mighty force, an impregnable fortress, reveals a faint dark depths of the murderous, it is a familiar atmosphere.
since the First World War and the main door after Fengyi, Li Shun benefit, Tokai penance, so that his innate state further, when the world outside except for a few people, no rival, and now he has mastered the “lock Soul” the art of martial arts to achieve a certain level of character, just close to him within a certain distance, and his soul can be alert, this distance is not fixed, and is closely related to both the depth of martial arts, if the other party is usually the person unless deliberately pay attention, it would be difficult to form in his mind warning signs, if the other party is not entered innate state of the master, that is more than ten years, as long as that person slightly dramatic mood swings, he can have sensing. If the other party is also the first celestial pole number of the master, then the variable, the more, if the repair is better than the other, he or skilled in the art of convergence, it is difficult to find each other’s existence, such as the day segment Peak assassinate Jiang Zhe, although it is somewhat in advance arrangements, but in the segment shot before Peak, Shun does not clearly feel the presence Peak paragraph, if the other party is like the darkness that people in general, into the realm of birth Jin Soon cultivation is still shallow, has not yet reached the lock realm of the soul, come on Shun said that this congenital master master hostile than usual in his heart more easily leave marks on the lake.
course, if the door to the owners Fung Chi true master that progression between each other in any case it can not conceal exist, so old in Yong Du, although the two never meet, but the change of each other’s moods and actions are as witnessed in general, if the two men in front of Shun knew absolutely no mood may hide his emotions, but fortunately, the kind of guru status figure, will not be easy to sell.
Shun Lueyisisuo has slightly from that familiar in some strange atmosphere in speculation, and that people have murderous and no intention to kill, as it is plain that he cold smile, snatched the dark, even the blink of an eye through the camp , to the outside of a desolate camp hill. I saw the moon Shuxing under a black robe youth stand on the hills, look indifferent in with solitude. At his side stood a black teenager, sac behind carrying a piano, some looked bleak. Shun saw two men, lips revealing a faint smile, broke and said: “So is the autumn son back, the East China Sea scenery how ”
autumn jade fly indifference and said: “I have come to assassinate you when Mody ”
Shun shook his head and said: “You’re a smart man, you should know that is not possible, but so fast son how to put you out son Shouyu if not, you’re not even think to get away from Jinghai Hills.”
Autumn Jade looked deeply Shun a fly, and said: “Your son act, layout profound, let me out, nature is useful for my place, but I have not let him do this time to go to meet the him and asked him a few words, but I heard that you camp in Xian among what I wanted to go, he did not meet with me and you do not worry I will be back to assassinate him, and if I’m shot, I’m afraid Mr. Sang will not let me, Mr. Sang realm I can not speculate, but that is Master, may not be able to win and I have Chuanshu Jinyang, the magic number

Sword, for the shrewd Huo Yi, Shangguan Yan’d appreciate respect the majority. Unfortunately, he is very clear, just a Ling Yu, this seemingly rather take care of their two teenagers, they will not hesitate to put to death himself, so Shangguan Yan always lightly. Especially the chapter letter to inform yourself now changing circumstances, their needs and the bear was immediately escape violence, he is worried. Huo Yi Although not explicitly stated, but bears violence themselves and must have a person with a hearing at any time at his side, does not leave his sight, how can they both get out safely it, Shangguan Yan trying to think. But no matter how, and now he needs and Bear storms illustrate this, now is the army’s rest before dinner time, bears storm should have returned from Huo Yi left side of the tent, while he wanted to go to after dinner around listening with Huo Yi , although only half an hour’s time, but I believe you can understand and bears say the storm, so that once things have changed, it will not just fall into the violent bear trap others.
into the tent, Shangguan Yan just feel heart startled, he saw Huo Yi held hands standing tent, but it is not seen Bear violence, foster parent, who does this message has gone gel, Shangguan Yan was thinking, but have stepped forward to salute and said: “under seen son, son How to come here, does it have any urgent matter ”
Huo Yi hint of earthy countenance cold smile, said: “Kingpin has passed under the decree, you are required to leave tonight to listen to use, if there is violation, not only yourselves to be affected by the heavy responsibility, but also hurt the family.” When he finished, his right hand began playing with a jade eyes showed a strong menacing. Shangguan Yan a closer look, only to find the hearts of a cold piece of jade he knew it, it just broke up with him around chapter letter thing, but this piece of jade chapter letter forty birthday when Shangguan Yan gave him gifts . Because Zhang Yan letter weekday more than a favor for Shangguan Shangguan Yan said that the hearts of gratitude before purposely bought a Han Yu said to ward off evil presented, Zhang Yan letter sense of filial piety in Shangguan, almost jade leave the body, that is just, Shangguan Yan saw this jade hanging around his waist. Now this even in Huo Yi jade hand, are but a moment between the chapter letter actually has body off the tiger’s mouth, presumably bear up violence has also been detained. He could not hold his waist hilt, a cavity blood in my heart.
Huo Yi change his mind if I do not know, still smiled and said: “Yes, we have found Lingdi, he is after all the young, even privately to Run out of Reflection for secret spy Division, the results being captured, but fortunately Reflection for Division wants out from his mouth to ask our secrets, and it did not kill Lingdi, who destroyed the Luo Jianfei rate Reflection for the Secretary a dense rudder, the results rescued Lingdi, although he Shou Lexie wronged, but the spirit is good, two bit can be assured without a few days, you and your family can be reunited. ”
bucket of ice water poured from the words as if under Shangguan Yan restored calm, hearts sadness, surprise, surprise, after all, their own and others escape Fairview Union control, struggling to support many days will finally collapsed, he slumped said: “What son commanded please say so anyway, but the chief ally treated us like these, it is chilling.”
Huo Yi faint smile, that simple face seems a little more cunning, he aggrieved Shangguan Yan said: “In fact, you have been refused is willing to take orders, if your heart is not hostile, chief and deputy chief and why, and you trouble, and now a few people inside, you are under our control, just gave the order, we can without a fight, by the way, they hijacked the king and the queen, that I would they cut in pieces, and no one will help them innocence. ”
Shangguan Yan furious and said: “If not are you forcing me to go regicide foster parent, foster parent how could rescue the king and the queen, you kill to kill, why should it be framed foster parent.”
Huo Yi Puchi smile, said: “So you really have seen a chapter letter, it seems I was not mistaken.”
Shangguan Yan surprised a moment, how is this going on, Zhang di not have been what they caught Suddenly, he suddenly realized, watching the hands of jade to Huo Yi Huo Yi smile, throw over the jade, jade Shangguan Yan catch a closer look, it really is an imitation jade, although vivid, but still from a number of Shangguan Yan Slight differences see this is not a genuine, just a moment he just anxious Fire Attack heart, and it did not see through. See through organs, the Shangguan Yan did not ease much from this piece of imitation jade opinion, even Chen Zhen Huo Yi Huo Ji city on their own, who are already wary, once launched Thunderclap is absolutely not allowed to fail, Otherwise how could imitate this piece of jade. Today Huo Yi Since face temptations, so will certainly be already ready. To this time, but the hearts of a Shangguan Yan Song, his heart to understand, Huo Yi is definitely not wasted effort on useless man who, since he used on their own means, then there is room for maneuver. Shangguan Yan not admit defeat, with a sigh, he slumped and said: “No matter resourcefulness of force, and so are my beats, please Huogong Zi made it clear that it, in any case, as long as Shangguan Yan whatever, must do everything we can only hope that the chief show mercy to men, let me inside, and two uncles. ”
see him so, Huo Yi smiled, Shangguan Yan really intelligent, but unfortunately not enough Henla, which is also found himself on his sake, so people better control, although I have to indulge family man, but not let them out of control, Therefore, it must Gujia An Paixia nails, and Shang-yin is the best candidate, he was smart enough, but also understand the times, as long as the preservation of the lives of homely and down, he will bow down, and you want to hide from the eyes of Ning Gu et al, Only Shangguan Yan have this ability, bears rough storm, Gu Ying energetic, are not good candidates.
Huo Yan Yi took Shangguan, let him sit on the sidelines, said: “In fact, the chief Conscience is not difficult for you homely, this Chencang things completed, Fairview Union will also disappear, and you can also Hermitage Forest homely, not advent of thing, but Gu Shu away the remnants of the royal family, which is always endless disasters, so the chief meaning is to you at any time to monitor, as long as you do not by Gu Shu Wang Zionist remnants of the heart, the next can replace chief guarantee Gu will never hurt you one. ”
heard here, Shangguan Yan startled mind, although he Fairview AU Huo Ji et al veiled city, but the city never thought Huo Ji Yong et al Society and any collusion, but listening to Howard righteous rhetoric, even faint revealing This makes it difficult for him to believe the information, he looked stunned Huo Yi, do not know what to say.
Huo Yi faint smile, said: “These things you do not think, if we determined to catch the remnants of the old Sichuan, it will not keep Meng Xu matter, as long as you behaved Gu from the future, you can keep the peace in the future how to contact I will detail told you before and now I’m running a big thing, until this is done, you can take bear fled violence, as Gu Ying, I’ll tell you where to save him. if it does not comply with my life, that the whole family are dead, if it be from my life, the worst case can die a few years later you worry, I will not let you go do something extra, but will not use your lure those Zionist patriots entrapped, Our lord has made, beautiful things for our future alliance will not intervene, leaving you this clue, but in order to prepare for twelve. specific situation, later you can ask Gu Ying, just can not let others know. ”
Shangguan Yan mind confused, he naturally did not know Chen Zhen, who mind, will Jaap Yuan Feng Fairview Union handed the hands of Reflection for the old company can take control of all the opposition forces in Sichuan, in order to prevent excessive pride Jaap Yuan Feng, Chen Zhen and Dong missing design lets kill Meng Gu Ning Xu, in fact, they are in all likelihood already guessed Gu Ning difficult to start, but rescued Shu Wang mother became the only option. Thus, although Jaap Yuan Feng Qing Wang put down the rebellion reached the goal, but let Shu Wang remnants fled, there have been active, credit is not obvious that the fault notorious, is bound to be people who do not know details of the attack. Jaap Yuan Feng though mastered Fairview Union, but also took over the remnants of the burden of tracing Shu Wang, Chen Zhen, who believe Gu Ning Yuan Feng Jaap escaped own way of recourse, after all, Gu Ning League in high status in Fairview , popularity and good, but is the foundation of the old Sichuan deep, plus Chen Zhen, who the secret help, Gu Ning impunity is very likely. Of course, just in case, they decided to stay around in a pawn Gu Ning, and Shang-yin is the best candidate. Although there may be in the future Shangguan Yan to find ways out of their control, but this has been irrelevant, as time goes by, Meng Xu importance will gradually decline, while the Shang Yan, who had no Zionist heart, So Chen Zhen, who is not worried about the future is difficult to control homely. As Gu Ying, it is because he already knows the truth, but also inconvenient to kill him, so he simply will count in them.
With Huo Yi out of the tent, Shangguan Yan mind a blank, he naturally did not know at the moment, in addition to tens of miles, Gu Ying Liu Hua good pedagogues being persuaded to become a pawn control homely second teeth. It’s not difficult, since Liu Hua Gu Ying is placed under house arrest in the side after Liu Hua will use various means to tame this energetic teenager. The threat of death, plus eight Chun Liu Hua is among the hidden group ringleader, is the most affinity, Gu Ying will easily let him as a brother, friend, but also by the Liuhua Wan Gu turn instructions preservation kindness, Gu Ying how enough it will not join
Qing Wang sat account, think of today’s attack Chencang came back with nothing, no emotion, though promised to wait for an opportunity to assassinate Fairview Union Chencang defender, but nothing happened for several days are, but because of the continuous siege fold damage him a lot of henchmen soldiers, unhappy with his mind, but he left in Ye Tianxiu scattered off guard, if not really want to let Lee Kang Ye Tianxiu come secretly to check, whether intentionally delayed Fairview Union, better make some excessive demands. But there just scattered off hand, although the lieutenant surrender, but after all need to be careful, if not reluctant to leave kill drop fame, do not want unsettling, to play safe, Lee Kang this to kill the lieutenant. Lee Kang anxiously being cranky when off-balance someone said: “Royal Highness, Chencang have good news came.”
Qing Wang looked up and saw Huo Yi rush into, behind only follow Shangguan Yan, hands still bleeding but took a round Qingduan parcels. Lee Kang joyful hearts, almost can not believe authentic: “But the event has become.”
Huo Yi approached bowed and said: “Royal Highness, chief shot himself, has taken a Chencang defender Yin prison head, and now the cover of a chaotic city, please princes immediately Soldiers, offensive Chencang, will be down in one fell swoop.”
Li Kangqiang heart in joy and said: “The head brought me, I know the female prison.”
Huo Yi Xihang approached, holding head handed, looked radiant with joy in with their excitement, Lee Kang thought he was given because Chencang excited about the capture of the Union and of the covenant which Fairview, Fairview Union if Chencang defender assassinated successful, then the Fairview Union will be harvested power is no trivial matter, and Huo Yi is one of the most profitable. But Lee Kang remained calm and took the heads up, I remained wary Ruoyouruowu, just as usual. At this point, Lee Kang a trusted generals rushed into account excited authentic: “Royal Highness, the cover of the city lights, a mess.” Lee Kang Chencang city arranged for him to monitor the situation at any time, and now he kissed to report, it is confirmed Fairview Union successfully assassinated really overcast prison.
Lee Kang This calm down, wrapped it with both hands, one hand holding one hand to the unwrapping, when you see that hair knot Pisan’s head, and he did not disgust of the heart, but hand poke random cladding hair, then her eyes closed, her face grim appearance, it was his memory of Yin prison, Lee Kang Daxi. Mood of a song in his time, one knee on the ground Huo Yi has soared pounced. Lee Kang instinctively hit the hands of the head to the Huo Yi, fit receding, his hands suddenly become a golden color, the hands were holding a dagger Huo Yi Guan Jinghong month as the mountain of crushed egg heads, but it is line difference. When Huo Li Kang Yi dagger piercing the belly, it has been firmly in his right hand caught Lee Kang-sharp blade, sound like Gold and Iron, although Lee Kang was unarmed, but it is no blood on the hands and no, Lee Kang heads coldness flash, left a boxing out, forced to abandon a dagger Huo Yi receding. I saw Huo Yi hands shot a projectile, the projectile a slight popping sound, smoke billowing account immediately, Lee Kang hearts surprised, for fear of toxic smoke, backward Jitui, a left-handed backhand stroke, vertical palm knives, Cunxu tent after he broke open a big hole, backwards out. Although his eyes were shielded by smoke, but still did not pursue righteousness perceived nahuo come, but came Menheng ears, he could hear was his love will be killed by the voice of the man actually did not even scream issued. Lee Kang hearts of a pain, his righteousness and Shangguan Yan Huo martial arts quite understand, know that they are not a trick to kill the generals, will be the two together. Lee Kang although not very rich experience in fight, but he immediately thought Huo Yi does not chase its own, it would be another ambush, or if summoned his bodyguard, they must be severely punished.
Zhefan idea a long story, but is in fact a eureka moment, Lee Kang-he tried to remove the figure, a sharp heavy things into his back hole, Lee Kang just feel infuriating a vent, fell down, not fall to the ground, a man swept stickers will catch him, crossing the split tent, he was sent back to the tent. Lee Kang just felt stiff and could not move anything, could not help a sigh, he tried shouted for help, and that people have been held hostage by his palm on his throat cut, Lee Kang-speak, a sharp pain hit, no longer voice shouted. This time the smoke has gradually dissipated, Lee Kang with mesh Guanqiao, saw his henchmen generals had fallen to the ground, his right hand still on the hilt, ribs collapse blood flow, while Shangguan Yan stood at the door of the account, hands bloody saber, and that generals throat obvious fingerprints, was actually being used Zhangfeng cut his throat. At this time, the man behind Lee Kang put him on a chair, walked over to him, the man is Chen Zhen.
Lee Kang just feel bitter mouth, although that question is useless, but still reluctantly asked aloud: “Why ”
this time Chen Zhen did not stop him, because he knows this is not going to Lee Kang yelled, he smiled and said: “Huo Yi, holding the princes of the arrow, to convene military commanders to designate large accounts life. ”
Huo Yi smiled, picked up a book case went gold batch Lingjian turned and went out, Shangguan Yan eyes flashed a strange look, a look of Chen Zhen, calmly blood on the sword in that dead shirt top generals wipe, followed by Huo Yi went out.
Chen Zhen Li Kang dragged a chair to sit across from her remove an alabaster jar, poured out from inside the mouth of a pills stuffed Kang Li, Li Kang unable to resist, and that pills a Rufu, Li Kang just feel an infuriating as if spring snow melt in general, gradually lost. He broke the back of the dark hidden weapon shipped infuriating extract the idea of ​​pain of the color eyes flashed again asked: “Why ”
Chen Zhen faint smile, said: “Your Highness Why ask, want big Yong’s monarch also wanted to ask Your Highness, why not make good prince, have revolted rebellion.”
Lee Kang seemed not to hear Chen Zhen’s rebuttal, continue to ask: “I asked myself doing everything humanly possible for you Fairview Union, if not so, how can you so easily fall upon me, and if I fail, what are the benefits for Fairview Union, it What you do not want to Zionist ”
Chen Zhen eyes flashed sarcasm, said: “Zionist, is that you talked about these things nobility, Chen arena but a mundane person, if there is peace answered the futility of those who are willing to do a major event, Big Yong dominate the world, its potential can not string together already, you’re rebellion success is good for you, or for Shu royal family as well, but for those of us who have any advantage, wealth and status can make everyone bow, but for life and death among people who are struggling to survive, but is elusive. ”
Lee Kang angrily: “No, you Fairview Union so as, since it is not in order Zionist, and will certainly be some collusion Li Zhi, otherwise why so, but Li Zhi can give you, too, can give the king, why do you want to betrayal of the king

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